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Do chicken and turkey really taste that different?

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RedwingWinter Sun 30-Dec-12 17:07:36

I guess it's an individual thing. Mine prefer turkey to chicken, but they like sausage better, and dried liver is the best thing of all.

nextphase Sun 30-Dec-12 15:36:07

Yes, turkey and chicken taste different.
Turkey is lower in fat? Doubt that has anything to do with it.

gymmummy64 Sun 30-Dec-12 12:24:42

Among many very encouraging developments over the last week, I may have finally stumbled on my challenging rescue dog's high value treat!

Gymdog eats pretty much anything with great gusto, raw or cooked. He's eaten cooked chicken, raw chicken and raw turkey before all quite happily though bizarrely has no interest at all in chicken wings (about the only food he has no interest in!) So I wasn't really expecting the christmas turkey trimmings to be anything other than a useful thing to put in my treat bag - and he gets a lot of treats as we're working so hard on recall, being calm with other dogs, not eating the cat etc

However, the turkey seems to have had a real effect over the last 5 days, holding his attention way over and above liver or stilton or frankfurter which have been his top 3 so far.

So, is this my imagination? I'm not going to start cooking turkeys if it is! I haven't eaten either meat myself for more than 25 years so I don't really have a view. I can appreciate that for a human, my mum's Copas organic turkey with bacon, sausage and clementines would be rather tastier than my Lidl chicken with a bit of basil, but to a dog? Anyone else's dog have a preference?

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