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Where is the off switch?

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poachedeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 17:43:21

You can (theoretically! This is not just any dog given its breeding obviously) clicker train 'settle'. Basically clicker train physiological calmness (look for body language like soft ears, eyes and mouth, relaxed expression, etc). Of and exercise, whatever you're doing, do a bit more grin

LoveDogs Sun 30-Dec-12 16:06:25

Sorry, can't give you any advice really, we're still trying to find the off switch to our cocker x and we've been trying for 3 years now, we've tried everything!

MrsZoidberg Sun 30-Dec-12 11:54:14

We have agreed to take on a HuskyMal cross, (HM) initially on a trial basis - I need my head examining, I already have 2 challenging dogs. hmm

We have lots of issues but the one that is driving me insane at this precise moment is, where the bloody hell is his OFF switch?

We keep our two bitches separate. We have put HM in with our older girl who is the violent one of the two bitches, but is fine with boys. Our routine is to come over to the office everyday (2 businesses to run) and OldGirl comes with us. So HM is coming with us too. OldGirl's routine is to sleep whilst we're over here. HM just doesn't stop. It is impossible to wear him out so longer walks etc just don't seem to help. We tried a kong - it gave us 20 mins of peace then he's up again, chasing Oldgirl trying to get her to play. The real annoyance is she encourages him, then gets cross, has a go at him, he backs off and then it all starts again. If I get him to settle she sniffs his bum or his face or just nudges him and he's off again.

I am ringing the behaviourist on Wednesday but I need to find a way to keep him occupied on his own - we can't always play with him, we need to work at least some of the time.

We think this is all becuase he hasn't had doggy company before, and becuase we are new to him, and he has gone from a smallish house to one with more space. I'm sure he will settle when we have a routine, but until then I NEED SOME PEACE for at least 30 mins at a time. God knows what we're going to do when the phones start ringing again!

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