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Dog has a new public enemy number 1 - and why shock collars don't help

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RedwingWinter Sun 30-Dec-12 16:56:27

I wondered about that, but I'm reluctant given that the other dog has a shock collar - I'm worried it would just make things worse? Since scarydog is already terrified of Dog2, I'm worried it would make it even more terrified - and then one day if it is loose it might attack. (Dog2 has been attacked by several other dogs round her).

saintmerryweather Sun 30-Dec-12 12:49:25

can you walk them together? my dog had a nemesis, when we walked them towards each other they would bark and growl each other but if we walked side by side thryd walk quietly with no problems

RedwingWinter Sat 29-Dec-12 23:34:47

Thanks poachedeggs. I have heard of BAT before but not looked into it so that sounds like a good place to start. I can get him to walk away calmly (so long as we don't get too close to begin with) so I think I'm just going to have to turn and go away every time I see her. It's a bit awkward but it seems better than trying to pass and having things go wrong.

poachedeggs Sat 29-Dec-12 22:58:02

What about BAT? Have a google, but basically you use the retreat from scarydog as the reward. You need to be in an area where you can spot scarydog at a distance, below dog2's threshold, but it might work a treat.

RedwingWinter Sat 29-Dec-12 20:18:42

I would really appreciate some advice as Dog2 is having difficulties with another local dog. The background is that Dog2 was reactive on lead when we got him. We have done lots of work with him and now he is usually very good.

Except there is a new dog he is reacting very badly to. We had to pass on opposite sides of a country lane a few days ago and he lunged and growled and it took me by surprise. After we had gone past, I turned, hoping to follow on behind at a safe distance, giving him treats, but unfortunately the lady had run away with her dog. Today she saw me chatting to some friends and shouted over that she couldn't get past with her dog; since we'd nearly finished our chat anyway, I moved on so that she could continue her walk too. But this won't always be convenient; sometimes they will have to pass.

To complicate matters, I've noticed this other dog is wearing a shock collar.

DH suggested to her to let both dogs meet off-leash, but when she let her dog go, it ran away. (Well, wouldn't you run away if you'd been given a shock every time you saw Dog2?).

Basically, Dog2 is scared of this other dog, the other dog is scared of him, and tbh I think the other lady is scared of Dog2 as well. I can get Dog2 to turn and walk away nicely when we see her; but my normal strategy of asking him to heel or side, and supplying lots of treats, doesn't work when he sees this particular dog.

Sorry this is so long, but if you've got any ideas about strategy, please let me know! I would hate it if it looks to other people like the dog with the shock collar on is behaving and the one taught using positive reinforcement is going crazy.

(Incidentally, her dog is not actually behaving - I would say it has got noticeably worse over just the last few times we've seen it).

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