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Quick question re Springer puppy and exercise.

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needastrongone Sat 29-Dec-12 11:01:19

Hello, me again!

Could I ask those with experience a couple of questions?

First, our puppy is due his second injection on New Years Eve. Is the 'wait a week' rule set in stone? I have read briefly more dogs are PTS due to socialisation issues than die of Parvo etc. Wasn't thinking about taking him out immediately, but after 4 days as this means the kids and DH are off still and can enjoy the first walk!! Won't do if not safe.

Second, we have a huge garden so we are lucky. Wondering if we are exercising him too much? It's all on soft grass, mud, leaves and wood chip but he loves it, is out 4/5 times a day for 20/25 minute bursts (one longer one in the morning but I let him wander and sniff a lot then tbh). Combination of playing with us, training and sniffing. When he wanders to the door we go in.

Lastly, we are training him a lot! He's catching on to most things very quickly so it's good fun. Is that ok? Lots of different commands.

Finally, he was starving yesterday but DH said not to give more food as tbh, he would eat regardless. However, he does lots of activity and burns it off in that garden. He's putting on lots of weight and chunking up. Hoping I am not overfeeding/underfeeding? Can a give a bit more?

Oh no - one last question!!! I think he should be really tired etc before crating him when I go out (plus fed watered etc) DH says I am moving my routine to suit him too much and, if I need to go out, then go out. I think you have to to a degree?

He's doing so well overall and has settled in like a dream.

needastrongone Sat 29-Dec-12 11:14:01

Oh - he's 10 weeks old now.

Does the exercise rule apply to all dogs? Seems that 5 minutes to a Springer 'aint the same as 5 minutes to a Pug?!

He's also doing great at night in the crate, usually 9.30pm/10pm last wee (he's too zonked to keep going) then 5am for a break but goes back over until 7am, although this will have to change when we go back to routine as DH up at 6, hopefully he will stretch through by then anyway, and goes to the door when he needs a toilet break now.

FINALLY!! We are keeping him going a bit at night rather than letting him doze? Some friends have said let him sleep but I am worried that this will interfere with the night time routine?

Sorry - so many small questions!! Thank you so much for any replies smile

kid Sat 29-Dec-12 13:50:05

I'm just on my way out so can't reply fully. I have a 2 1/2 year old springer. My dog trainer said the 5 minute per month rule applied to larger dogs (Alsatian, Great Dane etc).

If your pup is happy to train, then keep going. They are very intelligent dogs and as he is responding, he must be happy.
My DH thinks the dog should fit in with us, I believe in changing my routine slightly to suit the dog.

Good luck and enjoy smile

tabulahrasa Sat 29-Dec-12 16:25:50

The 5 minutes rule isn't for all exercise - its for anything you're setting the pace for (so you taking him for a walk) or anything he's not likely to rest himself from (playing with another dog for eg) not him mooching about in the garden when he can slow down and rest if he needs to.

I'd wait the week to walk him, but there's no reason to not take him out - you just have to carry him, that way he gets to see everything.

Train him as much as you want as long as he's enjoying it.

The routine thing, well, it's a bit like babies I think - you mean to set a routine to suit you, but what you actually end up doing is somewhere halfway between what you wanted and what they want, lol.

needastrongone Sun 30-Dec-12 15:08:08

Thanks, we are enjoying him immensely, he's super smile

I am clicking like mad! He knows sit, down, fetch, wait, look at me (just!). Hasn't had an accident in the house for 3 days now (goes to the door). Last night, he slept from 10pm til nearly 8am, although was zonked as we had had people round and he'd got tons of stimulation and attention!

He has a busy couple of hours then zonks. He goes to his crate and watches sleepily as we leave the room, today he got back up, ate a kong then went back to bed so hoping he will settle when we are not here too. Sometimes we potter in and out, sometimes leave him. We try to leave him playing by himself too if he's happy although DH adores hims and keeps then hugging him etc!

Recall it patchy though, he will 'come' sometimes for a treat or run between two of us but not always. Breeder says we should let him off lead asap when he's a puppy though, when he won't go far.

Agree - think the routine thing will be a compromise!

I know it's early days too but he is doing well!

alwaysworking Sun 30-Dec-12 17:41:43

can i recommend a book called "total Recall" by pippa mattinson. springers do have a tendency to abscond especially if they're bold and confident so it would be a good thing to get going on nice and early before he loses that love of being with you.

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