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Feeding in the crate

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BensonBunny Thu 27-Dec-12 13:42:36

Hi all, can I ask your advice about continuing to feed in the crate? Puppy is 13 weeks old and is happy in his crate, will choose to sleep in there during the day and is happy in there all night. Up to now we have put his food and water in the crate but I'm not sure if this should be where we always feed him or if I should start giving him his food out of the crate? I would leave a water dish in there anyway so he has water if shut in but was thinking of putting his food bowel in the utility room along with another water bowel. He isn't particularly good at eating all his food when it is put down (unless it has it has bits from Christmas dinner in of course!), I know we should lift the bowel if he doesn't eat the food within a certain time but DH, who is the one here all day, tends to forget as the dish is out of sight in the crate.

FrustratedSycamoreSnowflake Thu 27-Dec-12 13:50:52

Are you after removing the food from the crate and feeding outside the crate, or getting DH to stop being forgetful and take the food out if not eaten?

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