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Anyone foster dogs?

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bumpybecky Mon 10-Dec-12 17:09:24

oh and good luck with the homecheck, although I expect it's probably happened already! smile

bumpybecky Mon 10-Dec-12 17:08:48

We've fostered a dog before and are approved by two rescues to foster, but they've not managed to find a dog they think is suitable (cats, kids, part time work).

I'd want to know...
who pays for medical treatment?
who pays for food?
who pays if the dog damages your house? attacks your existing pets?
do they expect you to keep the dog on the lead at all times when out of the house?
do you get to decide if potential adopters can rehome your foster dog?
do they always homecheck potential adopters?
what kind of back up do you have if there are problems?
do they offer holiday cover if you are going away?
would they let you adopt the dog? (some rescues won't allow this)

Lilyloo Sun 09-Dec-12 22:29:35

We are having our home check tomorrow. We lost our rescue dog 18 mth ago and think we are ready to have another four legged friend around again.
Our dog was a collie rescue, she needed quite a lot of support to trust us to when we got her (childless) but was a great dog to our 3 dc.
Dd2 loves dogs (5) she trusts them implicitly and she is my main concern when thinking of fostering.
What questions should I be asking?
Is this a good idea? Dp is 100% we will foster / adopt a rescue dog.

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