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A support thread for behaviour problems

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Le sigh. Jasper has been doing very well with his fear aggression, and I've been managing situations better all round. But today I cocked up. We met dog A and his owner, and Jas was fine. Both dogs chased their balls, and even when dog A picked up Jas's ball, there was no drama. I praised and treated like crazy, all was well. Then dog B arrived with his owner, and everything was fine for about 10 minutes. I should have cut my losses, praised and treated and left the group. But I didn't, and inevitably all three dogs ran for the ball at once, and Jas was crowded on both sides by larger dogs. He leapt at dog B with lots of noise but no actual violence and then licked his lips and looked away like crazy. He'd probably been doing so for a while, and I hadn't noticed. I could kick myself. Anyway, no major harm done and as I know both owners and dogs, no falling out either. It does go to show, though, how far he has come and how much his tolerance of these situations has increased. I will of course be taking a step back in terms of his interactions, though, as I clearly pushed it too far. How's everyone else doing?

littlewhitebag Fri 04-Jan-13 17:21:19

chickens the lab that came over sounds exactly like mine - she would have been over jumping around your dog. If she was to get hurt by an intolerant dog then i would have to blame myself for not noticing the other dog did not want the attention. I hate it when my pup won't come away from a dog and i am too far away to get to her quickly. Not sure i am being helpful here but i am trying to say i understand your frustration even if it is from the other side of the fence. Being a doggy mummy can be hard at times and especially worse when you are ill and you still need to get them out for a walk.

Blistory Fri 04-Jan-13 18:26:12

It's a pain, you're ill, some owners are a bloody nightmare, all the hard work to date seems wasted.

BUT look at how far you and Jasper have come especially given that he's still young. Don't lose heart.

Floralnomad Fri 04-Jan-13 19:32:14

Don't let it worry you ,the other dogs came and pestered yours not vice versa so its their problem if the dog gets told off . My dog is fairly tolerant of other dogs but when off lead would rather do his own thing and is incapable of 'doggy play' ,he never approaches other dogs . If a dog persists in pestering him he will growl and snap and TBH I don't worry about it because I think other people should keep their dogs away . Just because a dog is off lead it doesn't mean it wants to play and I don't feel that I should have to keep mine on a lead .

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