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Itchy paws and out of hours vet, any body any tips??

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ClaimedByMe Sun 02-Dec-12 19:57:38

We had mnstaffy out for her afternoon walk, we took her up the fields, had a great walk she had a ball until about 10 mins after we got her home and she started biting her feet and rubbing them on the carpet, we couldn't see any signs of injury and she was quite distressed so we took her to vet. The vet reckons it was walking through the wheat field something has irritated her paws, she has an injection to help the itching and has got a steroid cream, she is still itchy and licking/biting her paws, this was only a few hours ago, is there anything we can do for her, it is horrible to watch her like this.

fanoftheinvisibleman Sun 02-Dec-12 20:29:40

We had exactly the same thing happen with our puppy a few weeks ago. He was only 12 weeks and was so distressed I thought he was really ill. We had been in the woods so never found the trigger.

Vet gave him a jab and told me to wash his paws really well with baby shampoo or very mild soap. He settled after a good paw wash.

When this happened to my dog, the vet advised a small dose of piriton and to run his paws under the shower for a few minutes. We never found the trigger either.

ClaimedByMe Sun 02-Dec-12 20:39:22

I think I was more distressed than the dog!! She has finally settled and is sleeping and farting <boak>! We have baby shampoo so I will try that in the morning before putting cream on her.

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