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Fleas on future foster dogs-concerned!!

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Rikalaily Sun 02-Dec-12 13:17:10

You can get sprays to treat the house which last for around 12 months. I use Acclaim too and spray it 6 monthly.

D0oinMeCleanin Sun 02-Dec-12 13:04:03

I have a cat who loves fleas. He gets infected literally the minute his Advocate treatment expires. I am sure he does it on purpose.

I spray the whole house with Acclaim every 6 months and boil wash and then spray all pet bedding monthly favourite sleeping spots weekly. This seems to keep everything under control.

I'd be more concerned about them bringing unassessed dogs to your house straight from the pound. Usually with first time fosterers they get easy dogs with a known history.

The dog I have now came straight from the pound but the rescue now knows me and knows I would be able to deal with most problems.

mind77 Sun 02-Dec-12 08:54:22

Hi,thanks for repliessmile I'm not really concerned about my own dog catching fleas as he is treated with Advocate monthly. More with my house becoming infested as the rescue said you can have a couple of diifferent dogs a month so with that kind of turnover I don't see how I can prevent my house regularly becoming infested and at the moment my husband really isn't happy about thatsad I will look into the Capstar flea product thanks. From what I can gather though,the dogs are brought straight from the pound to us so there is still going to be a crossover period of a few hours between them arriving and me being able to treat them even using instant flea kill treatment.
I am aware that the KC vaccine isn't effective against all strains,yes. But people seem to differ with their opinions of how serious it is. Can't speak to my vet about it till Monday with it being the w/e. My own dog is 11 months though. So not an adult dog yet but not 'really young' either.

Sorry for the babbling onblush I'm just trying to find the best ways of dealing with my concerns before I take the plunge!!
God, I could quite easily string these people up who treat dogs like this and allow them to get into such a stateangry

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 01-Dec-12 22:44:34

It might be worth looking into some of the instant kill flea products like capstar to use when they first arrive.
In fit health adult dogs kennel cough is usually is a mild self limiting disease in the very young, very old or immunocompromised dog it cat be very severe and in a few cases fatal.

SpicyPear Sat 01-Dec-12 20:23:27

I test my dogs monthly with advocate to prevent fleas so can't hell there, but did the vet explain that the kc vaccine isn't completely effective as there are various strains? When we went to look at a second dog the rescue were very careful to explain the risk that my existing dog could catch it from any we did a meet with and she could be quite poorly even though vaccinated.

mind77 Sat 01-Dec-12 18:30:17

Hi guys, just wondering what others do about this? I have been accepted to foster dogs through my local rescue and had my home check yesterday. Discussed all the normal things etc but the subject of fleas came up. Was something that I hadn't really thought about TBH but she then mentioned that most of their dogs come from the pounds and are usually covered in fleassad Aside from feeling desperately sorry for the poor dogs,how on earth do you prevent your house from becoming flea infested? I would treat one dog and then the next would be here covered in fleas again and from what she said,foster dogs usually find their forever homes within a few weeks so the problem of a fresh influx of fleas every couple of weeks is a little concerningsad
How do other foster homes deal with this?
We also discussed Kennel Cough as a lot of their dogs also come from the pounds with this? My dog will be vaccinated for this but she was a bit reluctant to say how serious this can be? Anybody with any experience or advice will be gratefully recievedsmile

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