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Finally - Please, let this be 'the one'!!

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doggydaze Thu 29-Nov-12 09:00:41

Tis me again!

Been hanging here when I ought not to be, given we don't have a dog yet! Some of you might have seen the mix up with the JRT and the rescue last week.

Well, in fairness, the fosterer and rescue co-ordinators (not the manager I notice, whose friend ended up with the dog we had met!) have been trying really hard to rectify a difficult situation. They have been really kind to do so, it wasn't their fault.

Anyway, they have found us a 'bombproof' JRT at a rescue that they work closely with (they help each other a lot if space is limited etc). He is reserved for us until we see him, the owner of the rescue is fully aware of what happened last week, feels for us, and assures me that no-one else will see him until we have. He's only been with them 2/3 weeks, needed chipping and vaccinating, he's around 12/15 months (I think that I feel better about having a slightly older dog than a puppy), good with dogs and with people, he's been to Pets at Home charity stuff with them, as they know he won't react to either.

We are going to see him as a family on Saturday. It's a bit of a drive but in a lovely rural location so we are going to make a day of it, we can take him out with us if we fancy a long walk and really get to know him.

They also have a couple of bigger dogs (DH does like a bigger dog!) a bit bouncier but still young and people/dog friendly that we can see too. Think their rural location may work as an advantage and a disadvantage tbh.

I have put a couple of piccies on my profile for you to see, I sized one incorrectly so it's large!

I SO want a dog in the house for Christmas. I feel there's a hole in our lives now without one. I really hope we love him and he loves us and we can give him what he needs smile

doggydaze Sun 02-Dec-12 08:50:33

Tis moi!

Yep we went to see him yesterday and he is ours (or he will be!)

I was a touch surprised, he quite a bit bigger than a JRT, the photos don't portray that. Not massive or anything, but quite powerful also. Lord knows what he's crossed with, we couldn't quite figure it out, doesn't look like Staffie, almost Collie but thicker set.

We took him for a long walk. He pulls a lot on the lead and clearly hasn't had any training other than the little the rescue have given, knows no commands. So I guess we have our work cut out then! smile

But, he didn't bark once, wanted to go to any other dog that we passed, didn't react at all to three crazy golden retrievers behind a gate at a farm we passed. He also didn't mind when he (eventually) dropped his ball that we had been throwing for him in a field and we then took it (we were all initially wary of taking it, given we know nothing at all about him) to throw again. He also waited until we did throw it. He also loved having his tummy tickled and rolled over voluntarily. We also tried walking away from him in the field and he did follow.

I feel hugely excited but also very nervous!! Is that normal good folk? To want something so much but be a touch scared too? How do you know if he's 'the one', having a colly-wobble here!!! I have downloaded the clicker training manuals and hoping that I can do it!

We are due to get him tomorrow evening but both DC's and myself have woken up with tummy bugs (it's going round work and school, so was only a matter of time) Do you think the rescue would keep him a couple of extra days if we don't recover. DH is away and I don't want to take him on feeling crap.

doggydaze Sun 02-Dec-12 09:17:28

ps - the only reason we were going to get him on Monday evening is that the lady who runs the rescue is coming over our way to a charity event so I could meet her and thus save us a longer drive (about an hour and ten minutes)

I had kind of thought I would prefer to get him during the day, so he has more time to settle in with us before bedtime, but that would mean me going on my own to get him and I don't know how he is, travelwise.

Am I thinking too deeply? Just want the best for him and us!

diddl Sun 02-Dec-12 09:19:07

I think some nerves are in order!

It is exciting to get a dog-but it is time consuming, hard work and a "tie"-hopefully for a good few years!

It might be a good idea if they´ll hold him for a couple of days.

Hope it all goes well.

Really excited for you.

Has he got a name yet?

doggydaze Sun 02-Dec-12 09:41:23

I hope that is all goes well too! I am really excited, just seems so real now too that I have got slightly scared, more that I 'can do it' than the commitment. That bit doesn't worry me, just my inexperience smile

We went for lunch afterwards and talked a lot. We know he will need a lot of time and training and are ready for that. Can't really explain the nerves, I guess it's more that any 'issues' he has, I haven't dealt with before and I will then let him down. Hoping lots of love and patience and understanding will go a long way.

Plus, I feel crap today so that doesn't help! Probably would be best not to get him Monday evening do you think?

The rescue have called him Henry, we are going to stick with that.

He's lovely, he really is, I am daft worrying!

diddl Sun 02-Dec-12 09:48:12

Our dog is really quiet & initially was happy to be pretty much left alone between "walkies".

So for us, as long as someone was capable of getting him out it would have been OK.

I guess it depends if you think he´ll want/need lots of attention straightaway or will be happy to get used to his new home more quietly.

I doubt I´d be able to wait as I would be so excited!

LadyTurmoil Sun 02-Dec-12 10:29:20

I think it's perfectly normal that you're nervous - you'd have to have nerves of steel not to be! He does look quite chunky in the photos especially if you compare him size-wise to other dog in one of the pictures. He looks great though and I love the name Henry. It sounds good that he didn't react negatively to the other dogs you met and played nicely with the ball. I think you just have to take it slowly, don't worry too much and let him (and you) settle into a routine that suits all of you over the coming days/weeks. Congratulations!

doggydaze Sun 02-Dec-12 10:32:16

Well DH has just phoned from the airport talking about him!

Think the fact that the rest of us are fighting to get to the loo is clouding my excitement (sorry, tmi probably)

Will see how we all feel (illness-wise) in the morning.

Also, the rescue have given me a voucher to get Henry neutered. Assume that's normal? Thought he had been done. Not that's it's an issue for dogs I don't think, rather simpler than for bitches?

Been reading about the magic of clicker training smile

What breed of dog do you have didl?

diddl Sun 02-Dec-12 14:08:05

He´s a GSDX-similar to this

We´ve only had him a couple of years.

He´s really quiet & good natured.

Although the other day someone came to look at the boiler & doggy was standing at the door growling & wouldn´t let him inblush

(I´d opened the door & gone back to the kitchen- & hadn´t noticed that doggy had crept downstairs!)

diddl Tue 04-Dec-12 16:56:50

What´s occurring?

doggydaze Tue 04-Dec-12 18:28:48

Oooh, he sounds lovely smile

Collecting on Thursday morning. Entire family have been struck down with, er, significant tummy problems (including DH, who is on business in America!).

Rescue have been happy to keep him until then. We have also made a good donation to their account via DH's business, they do such amazingly good work in such a tireless manner.

Today, as I felt slightly better but DC still off school (48 hour rule, although they were not well enough to go anyway imho and will be off tomorrow) so I have arranged our house to accomodate our new arrival! His utility room is equipped with a lovely soft furry bed, bowls, toys and chews. He has his own cupboard for 'stuff' now. I have sorted his food. He is booked in to 'be done' on Tuesday. Filled up my bum bag (from my marathon running days) with treats, whistle and clickers. DC have had a quick fire lesson in clicker training between visits to the loo smile

I am ready! Bring it on smile

diddl Tue 04-Dec-12 19:25:52

He is great-although I´m sure that we would have loved any dog.

Sometimes I wish he was a bit more fussy with me-but he adores the teenage daughter (thank goodnessgrin)

And sometimes in the morning if I mn too long, he´ll sit on the sofa & stick his nose in my armpit!!

He has a bed in daughter´s room where he usually sleeps at night.

A bed in the sitting room for the daytime.

Cushions in the dining room so that he can be with us when we eat & an old folded up & covered duvet in our room in case he wants to sleep there.

He´s not spoilt, oh no!

diddl Thu 06-Dec-12 09:01:17

Ooh D(oggy) Day!

Is he home yet??

diddl Thu 06-Dec-12 10:56:41

Forgot to say-hope you & your son are feeling better.

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