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back to square one with training

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moogalicious Wed 28-Nov-12 13:24:31

Guess this is just a moan really as I know what I need to do.

Pup has (was) brilliant with his training. Excellent recall, I could leave him for up to 5 hours at a time with no problems. He's just over a year old and recently I noticed his recall wasn't as good. I spent 20 minutes in the park last week trying to get him back! So, back to recall training with treats which is going well.

Today, while at work, I got a text from my neighbour saying my dog has been barking non stop every time I'm out. This has been happening for a while. I've rushed home and now all is quiet, but I just feel exasperated with him! I know I'm going to have to go back to leaving him for 5 mins, then gradually build it up again. God knows what I'm going to do about work although I've managed to get a dog sitter while I'm at work next week (I'm only out 4-5 hours, 1-2 days a week, the rest of the time I work from home). Luckily, most of the things we do as a family can involve the dog, apart from swimming lessons.

Does anyone have a quick fix for this knows there's not one, but asking anyway

OwlLady Wed 28-Nov-12 13:34:33

is it separation anxiety? though they do tend to go through a stage like this anyway ime. But with separation anxiety they like a radio on for background noise and something of yours to sleep on and one of those kong toys are good to give them something to do. With recall you need to just do what you are doing. I have a 10 yr old dog and sometimes she needs to retrain even now (though I think this is her breed) and I am considering getting her into some improvers classes

moogalicious Wed 28-Nov-12 13:46:15

yes I think it is separation anxiety. I noticed he was barking when we went out during half term. I guess he's used to having someone around. I give him a kong before I go out, but I've noticed he's not really playing with it ie it's still full of treats when I get home.

yy to the radio being on. I will try that. Too scared to do anything today in case I upset my neighbour blush

Do you think the gradual build up to being left will work again?

OwlLady Wed 28-Nov-12 13:49:25

can you try something else in the kong toy, rather than his usual treats? maybe he is bored of them?

I don't know regarding gradual build up moogalicious, I have always been of the understanding that you have to carry on as usual and with your usual routine and deal with the issues around that. I understand it's difficult when you have neighbours though

moogalicious Wed 28-Nov-12 13:54:45

Yes I've tried something new in the Kong and I need to deal with the barking because of the neighbours (terraced house).

Hopefully he'll train quickly as it's just a refresher clutching at straws

groovejet Wed 28-Nov-12 15:31:20

Have you tried recording him just to make sure it is as bad as neighbour is saying.

Have seen a few threads on here where the dog was only barking for 10 minutes or so and even one case when the dog wasn't even in when the neighbour claimed it had been barking all day.

OwlLady Wed 28-Nov-12 16:34:30

that is a good idea. I had a complaint off environmental health once and I knew it was my neighbour so I put a little camera in the room she was in and it recorded the dog asleep on the sofa and then all of a sudden stones were being thrown at the window by next doors son and she got up and started barking shock then she went back and settled down and the man from next door came and banged on the window so she got up again shock I actually couldn't believe it confused

needless to say she wasn't left in that room again and was ina room that they couldn't get to hmm

thankfully I have moved!

moogalicious Wed 28-Nov-12 20:51:13

shock owllady

Yes I'm going to record it next time I'm out. My neighbour said he was barking all day everyday which I know isn't true as I was home Monday and back from work at 2.30 yesterday. However, we went out Saturday night and when we got back at 1.30am the dog was barking. He was quiet when I walked up to the house yesterday but I have a feeling he'd worn himself out.

moogalicious Wed 28-Nov-12 20:51:47

Thanks for your help. I'm going to start with the training tomorrow. And the recording! Will let you know how I get on!

OwlLady Thu 29-Nov-12 09:49:06

How far and for how long are you walking him? do you think it's enough?

My dogs were always better behaved if they had been walked well iykwim (which I know is hard when you are having to juggle home/children/work)

moogalicious Thu 29-Nov-12 10:29:42

I was thinking the same owllady I haven't been walking him enough. So yesterday he had half an hour in the park before I went to work then just over an hour in the afternoon (just over 2 miles). He was knackered and slept for the rest of the day!

This morning he's had a good half hour in the park which mostly involved tearing around with his brother, so again he's knackered.

I'm going to try leaving him for 5 minutes soon.

moogalicious Thu 29-Nov-12 12:20:23

Ok,so I've recorded him twice this morning. I went out for 5 minutes and not a peep.

Then a little while later I went out for 10 mins. He was barking when I went to the car and barking when I got home, so I assumed it had been continuous. However, on the recording he stops after a minute or so and then not a peep until about 7 minutes in. A bit of barking at the door, then nothing until about 30 seconds before I open the door, so guessing he heard my car?

We live on a main road so I'm wondering if he gets disturbed by people walking by. Unfortunately, nothing I can do about that as the downstairs is open plan. I've put a baby gate in the hall so he can't get to the door.

OwlLady Thu 29-Nov-12 13:40:58

is he in a room that doesn't attach to your neighbour? that might help, but it doesn't seem excessive tbh

moogalicious Thu 29-Nov-12 14:30:07

We're in a terrace so it doesn't matter what room I put him in, he'll disturb someone by barking!

Got to take ds to cubs later, which will be a good 20 mins round trip so will monitor his barking then.

VeganCow Tue 04-Dec-12 11:59:26

Sounds like separation anxiety too. My old boy used to suffer from this. He would bark all the time I was out, ruined wallpaper by constantly jumping onto the windowsill to look for me through the window. Luckily my neighbours didn't mind as long as he was quiet at night, which he was, as rarely went out when he and the kids were younger.

The barking was worse as I left the house and from him hearing the car until i walked through the door.

Can definitely recommend LOADS of off lead running/chasing ball etc. It
Was the only way mine got enough exercise, maybe go for 2 hour walks at weekend if you can do it?

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