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Puppy has been brought back for the second time.

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Greymalken Fri 23-Nov-12 21:34:01

We had a litter, we managed to get homes for all of them bar one that we decided to keep. One of the families brought their dog back to us to be brought on whilst their daughter went through her transfer test. We brought the pup on for about 3 to four weeks. They picked their pup up on Sunday. The pup is now back along with all the paperwork, toys, food and bowls. Less than a week the mother cites health issues for bringing the dog back, a dog which was meant to be her daughters pet. The daughter is distraught and in floods of tears and now we have the pup back again. He is a really good dog house broken, good on walks and very friendly he has no issues. I find myself annoyed by this turn of events. I'm very sorry of the daughter does anyone have any advice?

Neither do I, Illage. I see a responsible dog owner, who did her best, but was sabotaged by her so-called friend.

AllOverIt Sun 25-Nov-12 18:06:09

I also think the OP is getting a hard time.

Tooloudhere Sun 25-Nov-12 18:30:13

I think op being got at bit much too. It seems on here unless you have a rescue dog that you have saved you are not regarded as a proper dog owner and are the scum of the earth for promoting dogs to be bred.

Nobody wants to see animals mistreated or abandoned but everyone is not suited nor able to take on rescues.

I feel from what I have seen the op is trying to make good a situation and tried to home the puppies responsibly it would be nice if every thread didn't turn into a crusade.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Sun 25-Nov-12 18:42:57

STDG I agree. OP sounds like a responsible owner with an idiot for a friend. We couldn't have our eldest cat spayed until she was nearly 1 year old....our vets would not do it due to her being the runt and teeny tiny. So, we kept her indoors until such time as she was neutered. OP was in the same situation....her dogs were not neutered on veterinary advice, the idiot friend decided to ignore her instructions re keeping them apart - how can she possibly be in the wrong here?

OP, good luck getting returned pup rehomed, or keeping him yourself grin

DoggerDog Sun 25-Nov-12 18:57:14

The Op is getting a so called hard time because she felt it completely fine to slag off someone who behaved responsibility.

The new owner could not deal with the pup for whatever reason so did the correct thing of returning to the breeder. (something that seemed to surprise her- she could have any of the dogs returned to her over the next 11 years of their lives - she needs to man up to this breeding lark)

The OP thought this was out of order which is brilliant considering she was involved in her dog being breed accidently and was aware that this could happen. However did not take sensible precautions to prevent this.

I do understand that it is "only a dog" <sarcasm alert here> and who gives a shit if the dog is breed against veterinary advice, there are now puppies that need rehoming. Ok she may now have stepped up to the mark but the fact that she feels it ok to slag of others is just out of order.

Her primary concern is a child's disappointment, which will have been forgotten about now probably, over puppies who she will need to be responsible for life. Puppies that will not have been health tested as it was an unplanned pregnancy, puppies that could have issues health and behavioural for life and a bitch that had to go through a pregnancy that was not fit for.

Those of you who do not know what you are talking about really need to look into dog welfare and the state of back yard breeders, the pain, angst of unwanted dog pregnancies in the country. But then again lets side with the OP confused she did nothing wrong at all shock

midori1999 Sun 25-Nov-12 19:31:10

I actually don't think the person the OP slagged off was behaving responsibly, she may have returned the puppy to its breeder, but she is clearly a thoughtless twat, as is anyone else who decides a few days or a week or so into puppy ownership that it's a bit too much hard work and they have other commitments.

Then again, I don't think the OP is really a responsible owner either. A bitch allowed to remain so overweight that she couldn't be spayed for years? Leaving an in season bitch in the charge of another person? I don't even leave my husband in charge of my in season bitches. Avoiding pregnancy is essential and as such it's pretty important to assume everyone else is a complete fuckwit.

I know loads of people with entire dogs and bitches in the same household and not one of them has had an 'accidental' litter. Accidental litters occur from careless owners, they're not that accidental at all.

LadyTurmoil Sun 25-Nov-12 22:27:07

I think a lot of people are being a bit too judgemental. As Ullena explained in this and other threads, it was an accidental mating, she tried her best to prevent it but it happened. Jeez, it's not the end of the world. Also, to say "Her primary concern is a child's disappointment, which will have been forgotten about now probably" is an extremely unsympathetic thing to say - that girl has not forgotten and is still really sad about it, I'm sure. I've known children where this has happened and it does have a long-term effect. The pup, on the other hand, has quite happily been in someone else's house for a week and probably doesn't give a damn that it's been returned "home". A little perspective please. Good luck Ullena and Greymalken

LIttleMissTickles Mon 26-Nov-12 03:31:55

Ullena, I hope the harsh responses on here won't put you and your DH off Mumsnet forever! Somehow, things are always more judgmental and rude on here than even in AIBU! Personally I think you sound so lovely, and did absolutely nothing wrong, your dogs are very lucky to have you.

The Doghouse is a scary place.

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