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how many dogs do you have and how did you get them?

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5hounds Wed 21-Nov-12 17:25:24

Hello, im new here but have been lurking for a while. Sorry if its been done before, I just wandered how many dogs you own and how they came to be with you?
I have 5girls smile
Lucy is 4, she's a German shepherd x rottie who we got at 8weeks, she's her dads girl, so gentle and kind.
Daisy is 5, she's a basset hound who came to us age 1 as a rehome. She broke her leg in previous home and was no longer fit for show, we have spent a fortune having her leg pinned, she is my soul mate.
Lana is 7 she's an ex racing greyhound, came to me 2 years ago via retired greyhound trust. She was very scared when got her but has now with alot of love and time turned a corner.
Rosie is 5 we've had her a year now, she's a failed ex racer who we took on through a local kennels. She's full of beans.
Lastly is Ellie she's now a 5month old Staffordshire bull terrier. We got her via a stupid women that got her at 4weeks old. We took her straight to vets, she was so ill but is now the biggest cuddle monster iv ever known.

doglover Wed 21-Nov-12 18:01:36

Currently 2 dogs, both labs, looking to adopt another.
Our old girl is 14. We got her and her brother at 4 from a lab rescue organisation. The boy passed away last year and his sister was very lonely so we got ........................................................... another boy!! He's a bouncy 5 year old - now much calmer and behaving well - rescued from an unsuitable home.
We've always had rescue animals - dogs, cats and chickens - and always

5hounds Wed 21-Nov-12 18:06:59

smile ur labs sound lovely, I love the oldies, we also have a rescue rabbit dusty, she's litter trained and lives in my bedroom free range, she's huge, dogs are excellent with her except for the greys

NorksAreMessy Wed 21-Nov-12 18:09:04

Hello fellow multiple-dog owners.

We have the four terriers of the apocalypse.

Scardy-dog..yorkie girl we bought her. She doesn't like guns or fireworks but she LOVES people
Boss dog..tiniest yorkie girl. She was supposed to be a standard size but she is a tiddler
Best dog...I know you are not supposed to have favorites, but she is everyone's favourite. Present from my sister
Odd-dog...rescued from Africa , very very long, expensive and complicated story. he's one happy dude with his harem

They are a brilliant chilled little pack. Long walks every day, no fighting, and they make us laugh every day. They are quite excitable, but we live on a farm so they have plenty of space to let off steam and explore.

I love my dogs

doglover Wed 21-Nov-12 18:14:43

They're the best, aren't they! Our two get on so well - despite the huge age gap - and give us so much love and happiness.

5hounds Wed 21-Nov-12 18:26:07

Your terriers sound lovely. Mine all get on great to. The hounds sleep 20hours a day and Lucy and Ellie play so its ideal.

LoveDogs Wed 21-Nov-12 18:58:42

We have 2 dogs, our 13 year old girl who's a German Shepard x Border Collie with a little bit of Newfoundland in her as well, a bit of loonie now she's older, we had her from new born from our first girl who sadly died 4 years ago we didn't plan on keeping any of the pups but she was determined we weren't going to get rid of her!
We also have a 3 year old girl who is a cocker spaniel x cavalier (we personally don't think she is either of these) we got her at 10 weeks from a horrible home, we just had to get her out of there! After a lot of training she's a wonderful dog!

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Wed 21-Nov-12 19:11:43

doglover and lovedogs I am loving your names.

I have a spaniel aged nine and we are thinking about having a lab puppy from a friend next year. I am concerned that my Boy is too old to accept a new dog in the house as he's always been an only dog. I would love to get into dog training again though and we also use him as a gun dog which he is utterly brilliant at, but he is getting on a bit now and it is going to get harder for him.

Would hate to bring a new dog into the family and upset him. But then he might love the soggy companionship! Really flummoxed.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Wed 21-Nov-12 19:12:55

Oh dear, soggy, really?

Doggy, obviously. Bloody autocorrect.

Catsmamma Wed 21-Nov-12 19:21:23

just to put a spanner in the list of dogusernames!

we have three atm

Keller, (five) giant black gsd, tiny bits of tan on him, had him since 7 weeks, he was destined to be a guide dog, so we puppy walked him for just over a year and sent him off to guidedog school and collected him about two months later after they discovered he has dodgy optic discs and very likely has tunnel vision. he doesn't like the dark.

Zac, (three) big huge fluffy galoot of a dog, also gsd also had him at 7 weeks, puppy walked him for 15 months, and got him returned after about four/five months of training, he found it quite hard to transfer his allegiances to his trainer, but did his best, and then somehow ended up with a massive throat abscess and was withdrawn before going onto advanced training, he was declared to be a huge mammas boy!

Magic...lab/gret, current pup being puppy walked....he'll go off to training school april-ish 2014, and is a little cutie.

doglover Wed 21-Nov-12 19:40:27

Well, ILMDAMYLM (is that right?!!) our old girl was 13 when we got our very exuberant 4 year old! She did plenty of cautionary growling which he heeded and we were very strict at giving her lots of reassuring attention. After a couple of weeks, they were sharing the same bed and cleaning each other's ears! It can be done smile

doglover Wed 21-Nov-12 19:41:47

What a lovely thread with likeminded doggie-friends smile

FrostyTheShosheman Wed 21-Nov-12 19:44:24


Ruby 2 and Tia 1. both Staffies, both rescues, got Ruby at 14 months as her previous owner got divorced ad couldnt keep her as was out all day. Tia at 14 weeks, cos woman who had her had a 14 week old baby as well and couldnt cope with her.

Both beautiful, and currently lying all over me.

Ilovemydogandmydoglovesme Wed 21-Nov-12 19:51:27

Aww, thanks doglover that's very reassuring!

Have to say I've heard similar stories from a couple of other people and have yet to hear anyone say no don't do it.

We've got a friend who shoots that has the most gorgeous lab bitch and he's thinking of breeding her again next year because he's been asked about it so many times. He's already said we can have one if we want.
Getting excited thinking about it!

doglover Wed 21-Nov-12 19:53:53

Go for it! I love having 2 (or 3!) dogs - you'll never look back!

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 21-Nov-12 19:55:42

2 and a bit dogs

Scruff (Fox Terrier X)- Adopted direct from the pound (silly, silly me) has cost me a small fortune in behaviourists and tears but he's a good dog now.

Poppy (whippet x) - Long story - every time I left FB open dd1 would post a status that read "dose any1 have any kitens or little cats on x road for 5 pounds for me" one day someone sent me a message asking if I still wanted a kitten because she knew someone who was desperately trying to find a good home for theirs. I agreed (silly me again) after telling dd1 about her kitten I had another email telling me the kitten had already gone to a new home but she knew someone who had a puppy hmm I told her we already had one dog and did not want another one, she then asked if I knew anyone who did because if this puppy did not get a home by 10pm that night (this was all going on at around 6pm-ish) it would be drowned. By 6:30pm there was a 10 week old puppy asleep on my sofa who was 'only staying for a couple of days' that was nearly 3 years ago <oops> I now believe there never was a kitten and it was just a ploy to palm the dog off onto me.

Shadow <lurcher> he is my and a bit dog. He's a foster for a local rescue. He's been with us since June and will stay until he finds a forever home.

Rhinestone Wed 21-Nov-12 21:25:22

Currently 4.

Husky girl, a former foster and now part of the family.

The rest are fosters, 1 x scrappy terrier-like mongrel and two pit bull puppies.

They all get along although the pups won't be here much longer.

issey6cats Wed 21-Nov-12 21:58:17

one dog here last christmas the last of my three musketeers (border collie 17, cairn terrier 15 and rio cross breed 13) went to rainbow bridge and said wouldnt have another dog dont all laugh at once, wander was on facebook on cyprus pride houses page, she is 8 years old a coon hound cross, and had been used as a puppy factory before being dumped outside thier gate, so god knows what she went through for the first 8 years of her life, but she is a very sweet dog and gets on fantastic with the 4 cats i now have left , she does have some confidence ishoos, as in if she thinks shes done something wrong she shakes and is very attention and food orientated but has fitted into the house very well

Ullena Wed 21-Nov-12 23:20:36

Four here!
Eldest - female, collie/small lurcher crossed with retriever. Turned 10 in October and just wants to sleep for about 20 hours a day now sad
Ditzy Lab - female, labrador, aged 6 1/2. Had an unplanned litter this year, which actually seems to have done wonders for her behaviour...loves being a mum, and has finally learned how to play smile
Collie Dog - male, aged 1 1/2. Father to the unplanned litter, and self appointed seizure alert dog extraordinaire grin
Runty Puppy - male, aged almost 4 months. The runt of the unplanned litter. He was blind and deaf until he turned 6 weeks old, but our vet pulled off a bit of a minor miracle, and Runty Puppy is now thriving smile

Scuttlebutter Wed 21-Nov-12 23:44:06

Currently four. One greyhound male, my adored black lump. One long term foster - the notorious Norty Minx, a brindle greyhound girl who will almost certainly (who am I kidding? wink) be with us for the rest of her life. Plus a very interesting pair of greys, a ten year old male and eight year old female. They are officially fosters as they are with us while their owner is in hospital but unfortunately her health is not good and she recently had to go back into hospital as they've discovered a heart problem completely unrelated to her original illness. sad So the two dogs will certainly be with us for a while yet, and it is looking increasingly likely that they may have to stay with us permanently, though with support from the rescue. Interestingly, the female of this pair came to us as a foster when she was found abandoned and starving several years ago - we had the job of getting her well, seeing her through her spay and then helping her find her forever home. It's been quite strange how she has come back to us but I have to admit I love her dearly.

Arseface Wed 21-Nov-12 23:58:15

Two Greyhounds. Our ten-year-old girl, who was a terrified mess when she first arrived but is now the dog everyone wants to steal, and our new young (4) boy, who is basically Scooby Doo - scared of unfamiliar things but very, very greedy!

Both from a local sighthound rescue.

Nuttyfilly Thu 22-Nov-12 00:26:55

Doberman 1 I've had since a puppy he is now 4' doberman 2 is a brown and tan and she is 3' also had her from a puppy, these 2 naughty dogs chewed threw a wooden stable door and had a litter of puppies 14 but only 2 lived so a lovely lady has got the girl puppy and I have the boy who is also brown and tan so that accounts for doberman 3 and he is just a year old. And then there is my partners working farm collie who is 7/8. He is a rescue and we have had him 4 years, we do have to remind him he isn't homeless sometimes and doesn't need to make a lovely big comfy bed in the straw barn!! He has a lovely comfy bed in the house!

kitsmummy Thu 22-Nov-12 07:36:54

Two dogs - Betty, a pug x french bulldog from, at best, a back yard breeder, before I knew any better blush. She is two and I love her to bits. We also now have Esther, a 5 month old rescue puppy, who is officially boxer cross, but looks more like a border terrier on huge long legs!

5hounds Thu 22-Nov-12 11:19:41

Ilovemydogsandmydogsloveme I found bringing in a pup really easy with existing dogs, great for pup to as the older dogs will tell pup what is and isn't exceptable. Pups also given Lucy a play friend smile

5hounds Thu 22-Nov-12 11:30:31

smile lovely storys here, nice to meet other multi dog owners.

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