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top tips for training terriers

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thewhistler Fri 16-Nov-12 23:27:56

After applying to 8 rescues and having no response,over a 5 month period, not even a house visit, we got a 23 week old jrt.

I had said no puppy, no terrier, esp no jrt. Hence looking at rescue pointies and labs. But fate was against me.

He poos and pees outside, will sit to command most if the time, and is adored by all. He is good with children and lets them pat him, is learning slowly not to nip and puppy bite, but he is teething so wants lots to chew on. He is a bit gruff with other small dogs, learning not to be hysterical about them, but had a complete terror and hysterical fit faced with a Newfoundland in the park, having just coped with two rotties and several labs. He is afraid of the dark when it us outside. He has come from a remote farm where there were his mother, siblings, 2 great dames masses if cats, cows, horses and children but no suburbs, cars, streetlights and no strange dogs. Atm he has become very clingy, wouldn't let me out of his sight today.this mother and sister are absolutely sweet and afaics more confident.

How do we give him the most secure and loving background to deal with his fears and what are your top terrier tips?

He has a crate in the kitchen, where he is left overnight, and a bed in the sitting room. He us allowed on the sofa but not on chairs and not up stairs.

DH is at home almost all the time, but sometimes needs to rest for a couple of hours, I work, and Ds is an adoring teenager. He adores DH and vice versa. But today all he wanted to be was cuddled, then be would get off the knee, wander for 5mins then back on. V restless.

Sorry this is long.

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