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So it seems my dog thinks she is the park warden...

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Peanutbutternutter419 Fri 16-Nov-12 21:25:08

...there to stop any dog from having fun by charging at them and barking the minute they chase a ball/stick etc!

Although it sounds funny, it is in fact starting to drive me (and of course other owners) mad and making walks very unenjoyable.
She means well and actually wants to play with the others dogs when she does this but unfortunately the dogs and their owners don't get it and will tut at me...understandable to be fair.

Bit of background...before we adopted her, her foster mum used to leave her in her van whilst doing an agility session with her own dogs. My dog would watch the other dogs and bark constantly as I think she wanted to join in but couldn't concentrate on the agility enough so just had to watch.

She is amazing in every other way...never chewed, soiled in house, is great with cats and kids and just lovely temperament.

So anyone got any advice for trying to train this out of her??? We have tried treats, training lead and stern voice.


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