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Advice on reputable rescues please

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mind77 Wed 14-Nov-12 23:21:24

Hi, I posted a thread on here a few days ago about my plans to foster and was still waiting for a reply from the agency. Still no reply and have decided not to follow up as rescue doesn't seem to have a great reputationsad
Hoping that some of you kind people who foster dogs could point me in the direction of other reputable rescues? I have looked on google etc, but would also like some guidence from people who perhaps know of these rescues?
I live in Dorset(please PM me if you need me to be more specificsmile ) and only want to volunteer for a 'no kill rescue'.
Back up in forms of behaviourist advice if needed etc is important so would want a rescue that would provide this. I have 3 children, two are aged 7 and the other is 10 as I know some rescues will not foster out dogs to families with young kids. Thanks for any replies smile

Scuttlebutter Thu 15-Nov-12 09:31:23

Hi Mind, in my previous post on your last thread, I suggested you contact Hope Rescue - they are all breed and have foster homes across the UK. As I mentioned before, their forum gives a great deal of information including a downloadable foster application form and I know they give a great deal of support to their foster home network.

You haven't mentioned if you are interested in a particular breed or all breeds - many breed rescues have an all UK reach and are also looking for foster homes. For instance, you might want to contact Scruples Whippet Rescue, who are very well thought of and cover the whole of the UK. You could also take a look at the Greyhound Rescue West of England website - again, a very highly thought of charity that covers your area - if you look on the volunteering page for your area, they are wanting people to help with dog walking, transporting etc. This might be a great start, and would allow you to ease gently into fostering. Greyhounds are often considered an ideal first dog, since they are generally very gentle and placid, laid back, and don't require hours of exercise each day.

Good luck.

mind77 Thu 15-Nov-12 10:07:19

Thanks for replying SCUTTLE smile Have been looking at the Hope Rescue website thanks. It might sound daft but I just wanted a bit of information about a few rescues first before I applied to another one incase perhaps one was more better suited than the other(sorry,I am very new to all this!)
The breed of dog doesn't bother me, but the individual traits of the dog would need to be one that was child friendly,preferably wasn't going to spend 24 hours a day trying to eat my guinea pigsgrin and that around 2 hours of exercise per day would be enough. My own little dog probably couldn't cope with much more than thatsmile
I think Greyhounds and Whippets are lovely,placid dogs but from what I understand they have predatory instinct for small furries do they not? I kind of discounted those 2 rescues for that reason

D0oinMeCleanin Thu 15-Nov-12 10:14:21

<smiles at whippetty cross curled up with portly cat>

Although portly cat would prove a meal and a half for whippy, she is only tiny and he's, erm, not. She's also horrified of my sister's rabbit, although to be fair he is bigger than her and he is evil.

Lots of sighthounds live happily with small furries. I foster for a greyhound charity and own a whippet cross of my own.

Some of the bigger all breed rescues have fosters all over the country, such as Doris Banham.

Hope Rescue have a massive appeal for fosterers atm, they are really struggling. All rescues are. The ones I foster with are too far away from you, for fostering, so I really can't recommend any from experience.

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