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Dog cannot get off sofa/bed now my rugs have gone - poor eyesight or worse?

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BurningBridges Tue 13-Nov-12 11:16:32

We've got a nearly 3 year old cockerpoo, I understand they are at the same risk of PRA (blindness) as poodles. We've suspected his eyesight is bad for some time, as when we are out his nose is on the floor sniffing all the time. I know spaniels like to sniff but this is marked in that it takes us a very long time to get a few yards as his nose is to the ground. Anyway, recently we took up our bedroom carpet and have to leave it as just grey/brownish hardboard for the time being - he struggles to get off the bed (I know!) its as if he cannot see the floor. So ok dogs are colour blind, I should imagine bright colours are more easy for them to "perceive" so maybe its just a problem with depth perception?

Then today the carpet man came and took away our brightly patterned rug in the sitting room and just now I found the dog sat on the sofa whimpering and seemingly unable to get down. Now the rug has gone our floorboards, sofas and walls are a very very close match of chestnut, so a fairly dark colour. Am I making any sense with this - I am thinking he must have or be getting poor eyesight? Or is it me over-thinking it?

Any ideas welcomed.

LetThereBeCupcakes Tue 13-Nov-12 14:53:03

Hi - my 3 year old lab can be like this - he hates bare wood! My Dad took the carpet off his stairs a little while ago and DDog won't go down them now (he'll go up them, but sadly hasn't worked out that "what goes up, must come down", so DH frequently has to rescue him and carry him downstairs again (and that's not easy with a 35kg dog!). DDog also refuses to walk down the wheelchair ramp in our local petshop - it's a wooden ramp painted the same colour as the rest of the floors, which are concrete, so it can't be a colour issue. I'm sure it's the wood. Perhaps it's as simple as that?

If you're worried though take him to the vet for a check-up, it won't do any harm.

BurningBridges Tue 13-Nov-12 18:27:46

You know, DH just came home and said exactly the same thing, and DD age 9 said it earlier "Mummy he doesn't like the way the wood feels", and I thought oh no of course not, it twill be a much more complicated explanation. But, Cupcakes I think you could be very near spot on there!

SpicyPear Tue 13-Nov-12 19:00:26

I also think cupcakes is right. Maybe he's worried about slipping around when he jumps down. A lot of dogs I know, including mine, dislike wood floors.

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