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So, what are you buying your dog for Christmas?

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ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Mon 12-Nov-12 21:25:39

I've just taken a punt on this. Jas loves cuddly toys but is a bugger for 'killing' them. I'm hoping this one might survive until New Year grin

belindarose Mon 12-Nov-12 21:33:48

That looks good. Tempted myself. DDog is on a mission to steal the baby's squeaky teether, so a squeaker of his own might be in order. Thanks.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Mon 12-Nov-12 21:39:06

It was a toss up between this and the hard boiled softie bumble bee. But I couldn't source the bee, so he's getting a gecko wink.

I haven't actually done the human Christmas shopping yet blush.

belindarose Tue 13-Nov-12 08:53:36

Humans are overrated...

GrimmaTheNome Tue 13-Nov-12 08:57:48

I expect DD and I will see what the pound shops have to offer - we got a truly awesome chicken from one a couple of years back, the squeak was more like a cluck and it took him ages to desqueak it. He still plays with it though - periodically manages to pull its head off. One of the best £1 we ever spent grin

DD also is insisting we get him a santa suit. hmm

redfairy Wed 14-Nov-12 14:55:49

Our mini dach has a Santa coat - I don't really know why I bother though as all she does is roll on her back with her front paws in the air. We also got her a devil outfit for Halloween and she did the same which is downright ungrateful! I shan't be getting anything rawhide as that cost us a fortune at the vets when some got lodged in her throat; so a nice soft-ish chew and a squeaky toy will probably be her limit this Crimbob.

SquishyCinnamonSwirls Wed 14-Nov-12 14:58:25

A big ham bone and some non-slip socks. We've recently put down wooden flooring and he's slipping about all over the place. DD put some socks on him the other day as a joke because he was clicking about everywhere and he loved them! Lay there on his back with his paws in the air for her to put them on grin

Isandri Wed 14-Nov-12 14:58:57

A bag of pig ears smile

tooearlytobeup Wed 14-Nov-12 15:09:55

A new collar and lead. DD2 wants an xmas jumper for him but they all seem to be for smaller dogs.

MrsChristmasVamos Wed 14-Nov-12 15:13:47

Cuddlies don't last 5 minutes here. sad

Old boy always has a squeaky toy, which loses it squeak within the first 5 minutes, new pup will have a new tugger (which will probably be a complete waste of money, she's so attached to her 'puppy' one), and I am very tempted to get them both those toys that look like smiling teeth once they pick them up. Purely for my amusement. grin

Of course they will also have some tasty treats, usually the turkey jumbones (keeps them busy while the DCs open presents) but I fear this year I will have to cut one into pieces for the old boy, bless him.

GrimmaTheNome Wed 14-Nov-12 15:17:06

Whatever we get, it will be wrapped up in newspaper - we take turns opening pressies and the dog enjoys taking his turn at unwrapping his things.

MrsChristmasVamos Wed 14-Nov-12 15:21:43

Ours get wrapped in proper christmas paper ! blush

HoneyDragon Thu 15-Nov-12 13:24:56

We wrap in Xmas paper too grin

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Thu 15-Nov-12 13:30:26

I will be wrapping in paper, too. In fact, I might let him in after all the presents are safely removed and just let him at the mounds of paper. It would be carnage, but he'd love it grin

Floralnomad Thu 15-Nov-12 13:31:34

We wrap in wrapping paper and our boy is the best I've ever seen at unwrapping , he does it properly and so carefully that he's even allowed to unwrap other people's birthday and Christmas presents when he's done his own ! This year he's getting a nylon tough chew toy from THe Purple Bone and a bag of double pigs ears . He's already got his advent calendar ready for the 1st Dec.

PuggyMum Thu 15-Nov-12 14:29:56

I've bought the santa and reindeer jumpers from pets at home, as well as some fancy shampoo and refreshing wipe things from Tk maxx! I make treats so will be doing a little hamper for them too!

We re-use a gift bag with dogs on it grin

MrsChristmasVamos Thu 15-Nov-12 15:14:08

Oooh, I forgot about can pick up some good little bargains in there !

I might have to try to find the bacon flavoured bone again. grin

<am glad no-one thinks I'm a nutter and that I'm not the only one who wraps presents up for the dogs>

SpicyPear Thu 15-Nov-12 17:02:13

I ordered SpicyDog a knitted neck warmer with her name and jingle bells on before we got SpicyPup, who will try to bite it off her sad Also a tasteful christmas fabric collar.

Obviously those are more for my benefit really but will get her some doggy treats and toys as well!

ditavonteesed Thu 15-Nov-12 17:05:07

stag bars, and they really dont need new collars but... and some toys and some treats and anything they want for they are my favourite people in the universe.

SrirachaGirl Thu 15-Nov-12 17:07:52

Collars with names/phone # embroidered on. I keep buying them expensive tags and they keep losing them angry. Plus something disgusting to chew on. They are currently into dehydrated beef tracheae <vomit>.

SoggyMoggy Thu 15-Nov-12 17:31:41

A week at dog camp. sad I have to travel for work over the holiday, so my pups will be boarding. I will miss them terribly. They, however, will be thrilled. At boarding they spend all day every day playing with other dogs and the staff. I know this, as there is a webcam one can watch.

Usually we buy a stocking of cheap tat for them to destroy and a box of fancy decorated dog treats.

TheCunnyFuntWearingAPoppy Sun 18-Nov-12 08:44:49

I would just like to draw everybodys attention to these, perfect for putting all your dogs presents in! They are sold by an MNer smile

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