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Dog become aggressive with other dogs after baby.

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flossiXxX Thu 01-Nov-12 10:27:30

I have a 2 year old crossbread (Half springer spaniel, quater jack russle, quater beagle) and I have a 4year old child and a 6month old baby.
My dog used to be good with other dogs.
She recently has started becoming aggressive with other dogs. Last night just proved to me how much she has changed. We walked over to a lab puppy, the lab puppy was quiet and was not even being playpul like puppies are. And my dog growled at it. So i quickley told her no and whisked her away!
When shes off the lead over the fields she doesnt seem to be aggressive atall. Unless there is a toy involed. Is she just being over protective of our girls?
The weird thing is in the summer we had our girls with us and we were over the stream and she was on the lead and another dog on the lead came up and was jumping up at her and on her playing and she was not aggressive atall she didnt even play back she just ignored the other dog completely.

She is amazing with kids and people and a complete softy. She seems to have a special bond with our 6month old. Who will pull her ears .. I DONT ACTUALLY LET HER PULL HER EARS and i will tell our dog to come the other side of me so she doesnt get pulled about but she seems to have to sit by her and be close to her. Especially licking her lol! Them two together i can tell are going to be very close!
Showing other dogs aggression is worrying me though. Luckily i havnt given her the chance to actually get as far as fighting! Although im worried this could happen. It seems to be worse with smaller dogs. I havnt come across a big dog on a lead yet to test this theory though. She walked over to a beagle the other week (same size as her) and they were fine. Although he was on the lead and she wasnt and the girls wernt there.

Any advice what to do and what the cause could be would be grateful!

Thank you x

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