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Doggy intro didn't go we'll!

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Imsosorryalan Wed 31-Oct-12 21:34:03

Our rescue has been with us for two weeks now and all is going well. The in laws came over today and as they usually do, brought their dog. Not surprisingly, our rescue went ballistic and both had a full on teeth bared fight! After pulling them apart and putting ours in her crate, both calmed down and eventually we let her out. They both gave each other a very wide berth and eventually in laws went home!
I know this was a disaster and my suggestion of meeting at the park first was dismissed. Usually my rescue is very submissive so I guess we all thought their adult male would put her in her place and they would get on fine.
We are worried as they are our fall back for holiday dog sitting! So if they hate each other, this is of course a no no.
I'm keen to re introduce them but am unsure how to do it so its a positive experience esp after today. Any help?

Imsosorryalan Thu 01-Nov-12 23:04:09

Come on doggy people. Some help please..

MagratGarlik Thu 01-Nov-12 23:36:09

I'm not sure how much help it is, but when we introduced ddog2 to our house, we were advised to have them meeting away from the house first and walking together, starting off away from each other and gradually getting closer. Then bringing to the home together. When brought home there should be none of the established dogs belongings around or him to right over and both dogs remain on lead till they've both had a chance to look around etc. Then let both off, but if in doubt, muzzle both. If that goes OK then loose the muzzles.

Not sure if that is the correct way, but this I what we were advised. Don't expect them to be best mates straight away, it will take time, so all is not lost.

Scuttlebutter Thu 01-Nov-12 23:46:21

I would also advise a first meeting away from home. We foster dogs so often have to introduce strange dogs to ours. We always make sure the first meeting is on neutral territory and ideally on a nice walk together - they can stroll along, have a sniff and gradually get used to each other. This generally works well - we've had WWIII break out and in that case, where two dogs have taken a strong and persistent dislike to each other we've not fostered. However, this has only happened once.

In your case I'd go for a nice walk somewhere that is neutral for both dogs, and keep it nice and relaxed/low key. Both dogs on lead, walking nicely in parallel, a bit of light bum sniffing, and if this goes well, lavish praise and special super nice treats for both dogs. Carry on walking and see how that goes. You'll probably find by the end of hte walk they are a lot more relaxed and chilled in each other's company.

MagratGarlik Thu 01-Nov-12 23:46:24

sorry, stupid predictive text on phone (again)

*there should be none of the established dogs belongings around and both dogs should remain on lead.....

SpicyPear Thu 01-Nov-12 23:48:08

I wouldn't assume that they hate each other, they really weren't set up for success in the first meeting. Your rescue will only just be settling in and it was probably very stressful. It would be asking a lot for her to deal well with that situation.

I don't know the best procedure for introducing them but hopefully domine well be asking to clarify and you can start again.

SpicyPear Thu 01-Nov-12 23:49:06

Someone will be along i mean!

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