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Very upset

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Stoney666 Wed 31-Oct-12 08:18:27

9 month boy golden retriever was getting so much better at recall and although likes to say high to all dogs and owners he always comes back and people have got to know him. So today was the same but then he spotted a lady (I use the term loosely) with an off lead JR. I called I whistled the works and made my way over but she Screamed at me to get my dog so I moved faster, thickish and wellies just can't run sad. When I got over I said so sorry, he is only 9 months and not always a good doggy lol she screamed and swore at me told me to stop making excuses and that he jumped at her and she had a bad knee and god help me if he hurt her. I did tell her not to swear and shout but she went mad. I grabbed git dog and moved on. Another walker came to see if I was ok the screaming was tat loud. Apart from being extremely upset, I really can't see me ever letting him off lead again sad(

cathpip Thu 08-Nov-12 21:20:43

She was rather over the top with the abuse, but you do have a large puppy. Keep working on the recall and have you thought about distraction for when he sees another dog/person, (if on a lead getting him to sit and watch you for a tit bit untill the person/dog has walked past). I have a 10 month old cocker and his dad and if the pup does not come back to his recall he goes on a lead for 5 mins its the worse punishment possible as far as he is concerned!

ditavonteesed Mon 12-Nov-12 18:42:22

I have to say I never realised how aggressive people could be until I got a dog.
However only a couple of days ago I was walking in the park and spaniel chops was bombing about as he does and terrier was on a lead at the side of me, I was walking with someone and her 2 off lead dogs, all dogs playing together, a puppy came up and made a beeline for terrier, I tried to walk away and it just kept following as I started walking faster it just kept right up terriers bum, the woman had a lot of trouble getting it back and didnt seem too bothered about going so, it was only when she got right up to me that I was able to tell her that my terrier is aggresive, by this point I had been dancing in circles to try and keep my legs inbetween terrier and the puppy which I was unable to catch. I was very stressed by this point which I dont deserve when my dog is under control. However the other dog owner didnt even realise that there could be a problem.
Anyway not sure where I am going with this other than to say get your recall sorted asap it makes life very unpleasent for others if puppys approach uninvited.
I use a whistle for the spaniel. is really good.
Dont worry about the nutter there are more nice people about than nutters.

mistlethrush Mon 12-Nov-12 23:18:33

I am aware of someone that was physically assaulted and her dog kicked recently - so its not only words sometimes. sad

DreamingOfTheMaldives Tue 13-Nov-12 15:12:05

That's terrible Mistelthrush.

OP - have you tried a dog trainer? I really struggled with my dog's recall until I found a dog trainer who is fantastic. She really sorted it out and now he comes back all the time, well 99% of it anyway, despite other trainers having failed! He is still cheeky very occasionally but I can live with that. If you are anywhere in the Manchester area I can let you have her number.

Have you considered a vibration collar - (and I do mean vibration and definitely not shock collar which I think is a disgraceful thing). They are meant to be excellent if used properly. The vibration has the effect of making the dog jump (only mildly) and it then realises that this thing vibrates when it doesn't come back when called - doesn't understand that you are responsible for causing the vibration and thinks there is some external force at work. I've never used one my my dog, but I've heard good things about them if they are used properly.

Please please please only buy one that has vibration on it though and not a shock option. It would be dreadful to accidentally shock your dog.

Stoney666 Wed 14-Nov-12 10:05:56

I've had several one to ones with behaviourist and also attend her classes I also attend a golden retriever class. Every single one (apart from vibration collar) of the suggestions I do at all or most times. he is back on a long line now (which is a nightmare because other dogs bound over to play and we end up very tangled (on on the ground blush) but I don't scream and shout at the people or their dogs lol. We will no doubt get there I am working hard but the testosterone has kicked in big time and its a struggle. Hey ho all part of the fun smile

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