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Resource guarding against new puppy

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SpicyPear Fri 26-Oct-12 13:28:41

We bought pup home on Friday and have been keeping their time together limited, with plenty of separate attention and training.

When we allow them together, sometimes they play nicely but my older bitch has taken to occasionally stealing toys from the puppy. He then yaps at her incessantly while she chows down on it, occasionally trying to get it back and her warning him off with growling.

On the advice of an APDT trainer I've flooded the room with toys when they are together but the odd thing is still so high value that it kicks off. I'm not sure yet which items will trigger it so can't totally avoid it. Anyone have any ideas how to handle? Should I be focusing on distracting pup once big dog has run off with his toy?

Cuebill Fri 26-Oct-12 17:41:13

Remove all toys for the time being. Separate your older dog when he is allowed to play with toys remove the toys when they are together.

It is still very early days for your oldie to be sharing with a new stranger/bouncy puppy. If you make nothing out of it over time you may be able to reintroduce boring toys and build up from that but do not rush it. Give the dogs time to get used to each other for a few weeks first.

SpicyPear Fri 26-Oct-12 18:55:02

Thanks Cuebill. I do appreciate it's very early and am not expecting her to accept him immediately. I did have a plan to introduce them but I admit this has taken me a bit by surprise as she (big dog) has almost no interest in toys when she is alone. Seeing the puppy with one makes her want it!

It had occurred to me to remove all the toys but pup then goes after things like the skirting boards. Any strategies for redirecting his chewing without toys?

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