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Signet2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:02:09

Haven't been around for a while but could really do with some advice.

As previously discussed have A 9 year old springer collie cross, never been a well dog with various ailments but always a happy much loved pet.

Has had a large lump on underbelly which has steadily got bigger from marble sized to that or a large orange. Other lumps appearing all over now. Vet saw these and said likely nothing but harmless cyst but only way to find out was to sedate and biology but advised against due to it not bothering him, his age and other health issues.

Over the last month he has started vomiting. Gallons and gallons of liquid rarely food but a huge quantity. He has no warning of it. Often comes up with a burp Or nothing but it's distressing him he can't get to the door as he has no idea. On these days he won't eat yet drinks a lot. Other bodily functions fine.

The days he isn't like this he still acts like a puppy and happy good appetite etc.

We have removed certain foods to see if any effect. No effect.

Back at vets next week and I'm half expecting to be told he needs to be PTs. Which obviously will be very upsetting for me.

My dilemma is this: on one hand on his good days he is same as ever and I wouldn't put him down based on these days.

On bad days he mopes, seems distressed, perhaps thinks he is in trouble for being sick (always hides if accidents despite never been told off)

Other considerations : in the last few weeks he has vomited everywhere and has to throw away two rugs, couch is ruined because I can't get the smell out, having to close him out of lounge over night to damage limitation, have a 7 week old baby and he nearly vomited on her as he wasted past the bouncy chair and it just came up. ;please note: I am not saying any of these reasons are worthy of him being PTs but these reasons are adding to the stress.

Now if the vet says he can TRY this and that but it may not work what would you do? Money is tight but I would find it (insurance paid out limit on previous illness)

I just don't want to make the wrong decision but seeing his eyes I don't want to make him suffer abymore or hassle him unnecessarily if it's not going to work.

I'm sorry I know I'm babbling but I hope I've gor across my points I'd someone could help me sort through this jumbled mess is be very grateful.

Scuttlebutter Thu 25-Oct-12 15:43:42

I think it's going to be impossible for you to make a reasoned decision until you have seen the vet. The vet is the person who can diagnose the lump - and advise on what to do next. Personally, I'd prefer to see them sooner rather than later if I could get an appointment.

One of our family dogs, a spaniel cross used to regularly get these as he got older - they grew very big, and our vet would only remove them if they interfered with muscles/movement. He lived to the ripe old age of 14/15 (was a rescue, so not entirely sure, but very old), still covered in an assortment of lumps smile

The vomiting could be caused by any number of things, some serious, some easily treatable, and people like us over the internet are not vets and can't diagnose.

With regard to the mess and the smell, yes, it sounds awful, but if you've got a toddler and a dog, then having washable soft furnishings is pretty much essential. Have you got a steam mop? I hear brilliant things about them for cleaning - we've got four dogs at the moment and there are days when it just seems everything goes wrong. I did loads of cleaning on Monday - house looked and smelled great. On Tuesday I woke up to:- Foster bitch had done a pee and a poo downstairs overnight (she was very apologetic). Just before our morning walk, male dog was hugely sick three times all over his bedroom. Needed to scrub carpet (now stained) and wash his waterproof mattress protector. Then just to really improve things, other foster dog decided to find a piece of dog poo in the garden,step in it and walk it through downstairs. At that point, I just wanted to cry. I had to redo all the downstairs floors and wash the dogs feet. Aaargh! So I do understand exactly where you are coming from.

Signet2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:50:04

Thanks for replying. Only soft furnishings I have is the settee and carpet on the stairs. Luckily everything else is hard floors!

My dad was round earlier and went through me saying I was putting baby at risk and dog is nearly dead so why don't ur bite the bullet and do it before he destroys the house because he is going to die anyway and we can't afford to repair and replace things. He has a point but I am not prepared to get him PTs because he is being sick on the settee.

I'm just terrified of making the wrong decision and him suffering. It's so hard isn't it. Today is a bad day. Tomorrow he will likely be back to normal. I will put money on the day he goes to the vets will be his fittest day ever !

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