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Fleas, can a pre-jabs pup get them, if only been in garden and not near other animals?

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permaquandry Wed 24-Oct-12 23:37:58

I guess the answer to this is yes, in theory, if there are rabbits, hedgehogs etc. however have boxed-off garden to prevent her escaping and a very small garden, so would see if an animal was already in there.

The reason I ask is at first vacc, she was too light to be deflead and vet said prob best to wait til next visit (tomo). However, she's been scratching a bit today, not a lot but more than usual.

Do pups scratch for other reasons or do we suspect fleas?

I would be gutted if she has as am currently fumigating house/kids due to threadworm....!

PrettyPrinceofDarkness Thu 25-Oct-12 09:12:49

If you look on her belly where the hair's finer you'll see evidence of fleas if she has them. Look for flea dirt, black grainy stuff, which looks a bit like dried mud. She could have them, but from what you've described I think you'd be extremely unlucky.

I feed my dogs csj food. It has a mix of herbs that's supposed to repell fleas and ticks. We've had one tick and no fleas in 3 years even though we lived in rural Derbyshire and now Yorkshire.

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