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Well done Alan ......maybe the message is getting through

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Cuebill Wed 24-Oct-12 18:49:07

Interview with CM and Alan Titchmarsh challenging CM methods. Go Alan smile

Interview here Cesar Milan

RedwingWinter Wed 24-Oct-12 18:52:49

I saw that. Good for Alan Titchmarsh!

AgathaFusty Wed 24-Oct-12 19:08:17

Thanks for the link - just watched it. Brill. Just hope it makes him think a little, but I don't suppose it will.

Scuttlebutter Wed 24-Oct-12 20:04:59

Thought AT was brilliant. Polite but made it very, very clear what he thought and had obviously been well briefed and done his homework.

Thought CM was a wanker though - "just a touch" hmm

and the horrible comparison of animals hitting each other to be part of a family pack - hope he doesn't extend that view to women and children.

rachmultiplemum Wed 24-Oct-12 20:23:52

Brilliant :-)

I was rather concerned about CM being given air time, but am pleased with how that went. AT did a fantastic job.

midori1999 Wed 24-Oct-12 22:57:02

hope he doesn't extend that view to women and children

Well, I know his personal life has nothing to do with dog training, but giving the circumstances of his divorce settlement, one can't help but wonder what he wants to keep quiet... hmm

The man is dreadful. He just couldn't give any proper answers, could he and he looked very stupid.

HoneyDragon Wed 24-Oct-12 23:18:55

snap the brain


TheCunnyFuntOfEastwick Thu 25-Oct-12 09:45:34

We've never had so many complaints about a guest.

I wonder why!

Just a bloody touch indeed hmm

PrettyPrinceofDarkness Thu 25-Oct-12 09:55:21

I was just about to post this link. AT was great.

I only use electric/prong collars if the owner already uses them.

Two points there:
1. Owner using them has had to call you. Clearly they're not working.
2. Essentially you're saying that you only use tools to abuse a dog if the owner is using tools to abuse it already.
3. You're a bit of a cock really, aren't you sunshine?

Go Alan!

midori1999 Thu 25-Oct-12 11:07:26

What I thought was really good was that Alan Titchmarsh read out a statement from the RSPCA slating CM's methods. I do think that generally the RSPCA are a bit useless, but the general public, including the dog owning public do tend to view them with high regard and as a bit of an authority on animal care, so I think that will go a long way to persuade people that CM is just a nasty, cruel git.

Imsosorryalan Thu 25-Oct-12 15:28:04

Oh sorry, saw the thread title and thought you meant me...grin

Aquelven Thu 25-Oct-12 20:59:37

I was really impressed with the way he handled it.

MagratGarlik Fri 26-Oct-12 00:03:23

He came across as such a stupid, stupid man. He contradicted himself several times.

He mentioned "the way things were done in his home country" a few times - where is his home country?

2blessed2bstressed Fri 26-Oct-12 00:11:26

I think his home country is Mexico

PrettyPrinceofDarkness Fri 26-Oct-12 05:12:20

The guy who wrote Marley and Me uses him. I think he's a dog trainer for rich stupid people that have bought/created problem dogs and want an overnight solution, as I dare say fear based training is probably quicker.

Loved that Alan politely pointed out that dogs aren't wolves and aren't constantly plotting to dominate the household.

<eyes the 3 sleeping springer spaniels in lounge suspiciously>

Lougle Fri 26-Oct-12 07:08:07

To give him credit, though, he was very respectful in the face of fire. I hope he is able to reflect on that and make changes, because it's not the man who is the problem, it's his methods. He is a very charismatic character, so if he could change his methods, he could do a lot of good in the doggy world.

PrettyPrinceofDarkness Fri 26-Oct-12 08:00:21

Yes and the ethos of 'rehabilitate the dog and train the owner' is good. He does sound very reasonable. It's just his actions that are a tad troubling...

stretch Fri 26-Oct-12 08:28:29

I am a complete novice at dog training. I thought his methods were disgusting. I watched a youtube clip with him winding up a dog and then it biting him. Even I could tell the dog was giving off warning signals and he just carried on.

Unfortunately, the comments in various places from others put AT in the wrong and applaud CM's methods. I assume they are just watching for entertainment value.

PrettyPrinceofDarkness Fri 26-Oct-12 09:37:21

*Millan, who is on a UK tour of two-hour seminars for dog owners, insists "technique without the fundamentals is unhealthy".

"It's very important to understand calm, assertive energy before you even touch a leash," he said.

"It's really about understanding the fundamentals ... who you are in the animal world as energy. And really understanding calmness, which is more important than technique."*

Utter bollocks. He seems very good at saying a lot without really saying anything. From what I've seen, his shows are a longer version of that statement. He claims it's all about calm energy, when in reality it seems his methods are far more physical.

Ilovewaleswhenitrains Fri 26-Oct-12 09:48:56

Well done Alan. It's about time someone pointed out that Cesar Milans methods are cruel and business to dogs.

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 26-Oct-12 10:37:55

I can "snap the brain out of it" by which I assume he means distract? by tossing a treat on the floor.

Devil Dog's brain seems to go "Must kill scary bouncy puppy. Must kill scary bouncy puppy. Must kill.... oooh, cheese"

I'd rather that than "Must kill scary bouncy puppy. Must kill scary bouncy puppy. Must kill.... ow, scary puppy makes my person hurt me. Must avoid scary puppy at all costs. Scary puppy is much scarier now"

I did love This picture grin Spot the difference?

CalamityKate Fri 26-Oct-12 15:50:47

<He seems very good at saying a lot without really saying anything. >

Spot on.

The phrases he uses - which his followers just love to spout, thinking it makes them sound as if they know what they're talking about - mean nothing. It's mostly meaningless waffle. On the odd occasions he says something sensible, it's stuff that other dog trainers have been saying for years. "Dogs need exercise" - no shit Cesar! Really? Wow, you're, like, so WISE <hmm>

Moreover, even when he does say something obvious to anyone with half a brain sensible, he generally goes on to illustrate that he has no understanding of WHY what he's said is sensible. Loathesome, stupid man.

TheCunnyFuntOfEastwick Fri 26-Oct-12 16:09:02

D0oin your dogs all sound like they have so much character, I'd love to meet them grin

Cuebill Fri 26-Oct-12 17:38:58

Dooin love the picture grin

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