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Please don't buy from puppy farmers!

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SpicyPear Wed 24-Oct-12 10:57:11

There have been a few puppy farm/byb threads recently but one more can't hurt if it draws attention to this.

As well as the health and social effects on the pups, the breeding bitches are really suffering. Even for those that make it out alive to be rehomed, it is often years of work to allow them to live anything like a normal doggy life.

I am almost a year down the line with my girl and today I have had a little sob as she is unable to leave the house again due to her nerves and severe noise phobia. We are working on it, but realistically with random fireworks I expect she'll hardly get out for the next month. At least she feels safe in the house, but it breaks my heart as when things are going well I see the dog she could have been if these monsters hadn't shut her away for three years to be used as a living cash machine.

Aw Spicy sad Your poor girl x

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