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Session with the behaviourist...

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ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Wed 17-Oct-12 12:10:08

...was brilliant grin She assessed Jas against her own Collie, showed me how to read his discomfort and how to reward him for ignoring the dog and giving me his attention. She also taught me some 'search' games to play with him when we're at home with a view to using them in a field once he has the idea. It really helped to have someone look at his behaviour and point out to me the stress points. I'm eating biscuits to celebrate, and Jasper has conked out on the rug, utterly knackered grin

HoneyDragon Wed 17-Oct-12 12:13:20

Fabulous grin Bet thats increased your confidence to the power of 10

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Wed 17-Oct-12 12:16:42

Totally. Now I know he isn't trying to take over the world wink. It seems that his prey drive is so intense, that he runs after the ball before he realises there's another dog there at all. When he realises it's right there next to him, he panics, goes 'raaaah' and then runs away. Lots and lots of BAT work and using the Almighty Squeaky Ball Of Awesomeness as a reward should improve things considerably <happily dunks biscuits>

D0oinMeCleanin Wed 17-Oct-12 12:21:52

Excellent. So, pleased for you.

We've had a good doggy morning too. I have just had guests and puppy did not maul them. He wasn't perfect but there was a definate improvement on the mauling front.

He still slunk around the back of the sofa trying to get everyone to love him, so my next step is going to have to be to teach him when guests are in the house, his bed is the best place to be.

Have some biscuits to dunk Chickens.

HoneyDragon Wed 17-Oct-12 12:35:49

I had a semi successful morning. We had hellos whilst out off lead without leaping.

But then she attackhello'd two people who have given her biscuits before. hmm
This is proving to be harder to stop.

pimmsgalore Wed 17-Oct-12 14:00:41

chickens thats wonderful. Although if Jas isn't trying to take over the world maybe pimmsdog is grin

Can you send some of all your positive vibes to pimmsdog for tomorrow, we have our monthly go meet the vet, get a treat and come home session. We will cower in the corner and bite the vet when she comes anywhere near us and growl and snap at all animals in the waiting room be nice, calm and love the vet smile

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Wed 17-Oct-12 14:11:55

Will do, pimms smile Dogs, eh? They're either being adorable and melting your heart or trying to kill you through stress. Gits.

Elibean Wed 17-Oct-12 15:11:54

Great, chickens smile!

Seems like having adopted our pups at more or less the same time, we are now tackling adolescents with the help of behaviourists at more or less the same time: thankfully, both feeling relieved to have done it!!

Mouse has been so calm recently, with guests to the house being asked to 'treat' and not 'touch', and is actually asking for affection. Sounds as though Jasper is on his way to chilled walks, too smile

Cuebill Wed 17-Oct-12 16:09:26

gringrin grin fantastic Chicken I was thinking of you this morning and hoping things would work out

Inthepotty Wed 17-Oct-12 19:37:01

Fab news Chickens. I am very proud of my boy today-got chatting to a lady with a 14wk old pup, she asked if I minded if she walked her dog with mine to let him off lead for a run, as my boys recall and manners were so impeccable! grin

Lougle Wed 17-Oct-12 20:20:54

That's wonderful chickens smile

I have been encouraged and deflated in equal measure. Since having my session, I've seen Patch with new eyes, and realised that his fear and anxiety is a lot further reaching than I had seen. He's scared of everything.

But, he's responding well to push feeding. I did some 'Look-click-treat' work with him tonight - he met a group of runners (lots of treats needed) some cars (not bad at all) and a group of early teens (LOTS of treats needed).

Yesterday, he met a dog and went loopy. It was evening, so a little dark, and he was so scared that he wrapped his lead around my legs several times and almost pulled me into the road trying to get away. Unfortunately, we rounded a corner to find the dog and owners, so not enough time to do BAT.

Mrsjay Thu 18-Oct-12 14:21:56

Oh what are the search games get me wanting the info without paying a behaviourist grin jaydog is fine the suddenly he will go insane and have a 'mad half hour' leaping and he will nip at us . we are waiting on a space to open up at an obedience class but won't be till mid november,

Inthepotty Thu 18-Oct-12 16:43:44

MrsJay, we play 'find it!' with my dog, knackers him out. Get a toy your dog loves and have a play (tug, fetching a ball) then show him it, ask him to wait (or get someone to hold collar) then hide the toy. Start small so put toy somewhere close and obvious, lots of treats when he finds it. You can make it as difficult as you like, we started off just leaving toy near the sofa or under table, now my boy loves to 'scent' leather, (old bit of broken belt chopped up small) I hide it in the wardrobes, under blankets, in cupboard, and send him to 'find it!. Hth. Sorry for hijack chickens!

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