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Baby due in 4 weeks and hints and tips to prevent my dog getting jealous?

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Isandri Mon 15-Oct-12 08:28:59

My baby is due in 4 weeks and I want to make sure that I minimise any jealousy issues from my dog. He's a Gordon setter, Labrador cross, 10 years old and very docile/sleepy/lazy unless someone mentions a walk.

I'm not too concerned about the dogs reaction to the baby as he's been around all the babies in my husbands family but the dog has only been living with us for 3 months (he was going to be PTS, due to his age and my SiL having to move) and he has never lived full time with a child. He loves living with us and had no trouble settling in.

When the baby is born my husband is going to take home a vest/baby grow for the dog to sniff to get used to the babies smell and when the baby comes home from the hospital I'm planning on giving the dog a pig ear or a bone. I will of course continue to say good morning and make a fuss over the dog when I get up in the morning as I do now.

Does anyone had any advice about other things me or my husband can do?

tabulahrasa Mon 15-Oct-12 08:46:29

I've brought two DC home to two different dogs (4years apart) I didn't do anything, they were fine...well I did get DP to carry in the second as that dog was likely to throw himself at me, lol.

Isandri Mon 15-Oct-12 09:01:33

My dog is too dignified for jumping onto people, lol. He'll rub against my legs or bounce up and down barking if he's very excited. He's a proper old man!

maturenanny Mon 15-Oct-12 09:11:39

Hiya... We have a rescue greyhound and I too had your thoughts. When I returned from hospital, I went into the house alone first as I had been away four days. I took in a small treat and then made the hugest fuss of him without worrying about baby. Lots of hugs, i just about coped with the jumping up and general delight at seeng me. I then went through and got baby (still in car seat). I positioned baby and me on the sofa, let dog have a jolly good sniff (tbh shock horror dog licked him too..I didn't react, just went with the flow). Then got baby out for a cuddle, dog laid down next to us, with his chin resting on my knee by baby. Job done,

Has never shown any jealousy, when we laid baby on playmat/under baby gym, dog somehow managed to squeeze under the toy bar and lay next to him..was very cute!

We have always been very relaxed with both being together and have never to this day four yrs later had any problems. In fact they are now the best of friends. Interestingly enough when a friend visited with a baby just a few months ago, the dog resumed his position just lying next to baby on mat!

It will all be fine, obviously as with most animals they pick up on your anxiety, so relax, enjoy them both. I never pushed the dog away, even if feeding or changing nappies etc in his vicinity and I think that's how we have ended up with such a good team.


Isandri Mon 15-Oct-12 11:49:20

It sounds like I have the right plan. My dog is already very nosy and has to know what people are doing.

MumOfTheMoos Mon 15-Oct-12 21:25:46

We did much the same as you, let our dog have a good sniff, include her all the tie, make a big fuss of her ad we bought her a new soft toy. Our ds is 6 mths and there is mutual fascination but the dog is not jealous at all.

tazzle22 Wed 17-Oct-12 00:10:59

I did much the same as maturenanny lol .... except I had a border collie at the time of dd1 birth. No jealousy as I made sure dog and I still had long walks (babe in sling ... just starting to come into fashion in uk them that days 30 plus years ago) and play / training time.

She seemed to "adopt" babies as she would gaurd them if we were out (nothing more than a low growl if stanger came near the pram that I was anxious about) .... and as they grew she took on roles like "rounding them up" if they strayed to far ..... or "cleaning them up". She was a wonderful "mum" lol.

Now thats not saying its something that any and every dog can and will do (or should).... you have to "know your dog" ! I would trust one of my current dogs to be similar but definately not the other (although the other did have some issues as a rescue so understandable).

sounds like you are doing some great stuff isandri ......... the only other thing is to try and make sure he still has his usual walk / play time too.

I think that with an (older) dog not used to living with children it more when they get to the crawling / investigating ( prodding and pulling !!! ) and walking / falling / squealing stages that the relationship will be tested more.

We took on an older dog ( DH mother died and it was hers) just before my DD3 was born and all was fine till DD started to toddle ..... poor dog found this all much too stressful sad.

as others said ...... relax and enjoy (whilst just being aware of his reactions)

good luck with it all thanks

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