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He didn't eat yesterday ... Worried

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Madondogs Thu 11-Oct-12 07:09:31

Hi Ddog 1, 7 year old golden retriever,no health problems.

He has had a rumbly tummy the last few days, but other than that well, poo normal,plenty of energy,gums and tounge pink.

However yesterday he did not eat a single thing, despite being tempted with his favourite treats.

This morning he seems ok, nose is a bit dry and his tummy is making some strange bagpipe noises.

I am worried, will probably take to vets later on. Any ideas what could be wrong? Lots of reassurance would be great too...terrible worrier.

Madondogs Thu 11-Oct-12 07:32:13

Anyone up?

Could he have eaten something he shouldn't have on a walk? My dog snaffles all kinds of 'goodies' <boak>

Madondogs Thu 11-Oct-12 08:36:11

Don't think so Chickens, he is not very food orientated and I have never seen him eat anything revolting. He was eating grass in the garden this morning.

He is looking very sorry for himself, so I have decided to take him to the vets this morning, he is obviously in some sort of discomfort.

Thanks for replying, I worry so much about my dogs.

How did you get on, Mad?

Madondogs Thu 11-Oct-12 11:18:26

Back from vets. He had a thorough examination,colour, temperature normal. Not dehydrated, lymph nodes normal, stomach, liver and kidneys feel fine.

? Colitis of unknown origin, he is very gassy. We did change their kibble a few weeks ago and vet said could be that. Said to observe for today, obviously go back if gets worse.

He is such a gorgeous dog, and I love him so much! I am a terrible worrier ...much worse with the dogs than the children, I seem to have more common sense then.

Thanks so much for posting back, I felt I needed some hand holding.

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