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Puppy routine?

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permaquandry Mon 08-Oct-12 19:32:59

Feeding my 8 week old at 7am, 12pm, 5pm and 10pm. Taking her out in garden just before each of these feeds, straight afterwards, after a sleep or before crating. She's going through from 11pm to 7am, no accidents so far.

What is everybody else doing? Pup goes a bit crackers after 10pm feed, could do wig her settling a bit more at this time, as last night it took her till 11.15pm to calm down.

ijustwant8hours Mon 08-Oct-12 21:59:43

My 10 week old eats at 6am, 12ish and 5ish. I dropped a fourth feed as he wasnt eating anything. I dont crate overnight at the moment, I need to think about starting though as we are goingnaway for half term and I woud prefer him to be in the crate overnight then

applegate Mon 08-Oct-12 22:17:34

feeding my 8 week old springer at 7.30, 12, 5 and 9.30. Taking him out every hour and after eating and sleeping, he had been brilliant and had no accidents until today when he has had 5 wees inside for no apparent reason...aagh! But he has woken every night to be taken out which i am hoping doesn't last too long, a little jealous of your 11-7 permaquandry!!

tabulahrasa Tue 09-Oct-12 00:08:28

I'm feeding at 7.30, 11.30, 4.30 and 9.30 - a bit randomly spaced, but they fit in with other stuff.

I find mine goes a bit manic after his last feed, even if he's tired, it seems to refuel him, lol.

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