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Can I feed my puppy fresh raw sardines and raw egg?

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kitsmummy Fri 05-Oct-12 16:51:49

I have a 16 week old rescue puppy (some sort of boxer/terrier cross) who is really not liking her kibble (james well beloved, salters, skinners puppy, tried them all). She does however like Bakers and will eat kibble with a handful of Bakers rubbish in it. I've just started doing this in an effort to get her to eat as the vet has said she's a bit skinny.

I've just bought some fresh raw sardines from tesco and thought i would try her with these. Do I need to cook them, and could I also put a raw egg on them as I keep reading that raw eggs are great for dogs, but am not sure if they're ok with puppies?

She's very happy and bouncy at all times - I don't think she feels ill or anything, but she does have very smelly and v yellow wee, so I'm going to give the vet a call about this to see if there's anything amiss. In the meantime though, I'd just like to know if this fish and egg mix is ok for her? thanks

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