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Online checklist for puppy buyers

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EdgarAllanPond Mon 01-Oct-12 20:28:01


what do you think?

Scuttlebutter Mon 01-Oct-12 23:22:11

I think there are several omissions. The very first section mentions time for walks but doesn't make it clear that a puppy (as opposed to an adult dog) is unlikely to cope well with being left alone - in fact I'd go so far as to say it's wrong to do this.

No mention of how to avoid puppy farmers, and it mentions buying from a "reputable dealer" which to me is an oxymoron. Surprisingly it doesn't mention local authority inspections and registrations.

Overall, it struck me as rather wordy and not very user friendly - if you knew what you were doing you'd find it easy to use, but for someone who didn't, less so. The Council was set up mainly in response to the issues around breeding ie. health concerns, inbreeding and I actually thought it was light on these - no mention of the top breeds on the KC special list, no guides on where to look for info on health, life expectancy etc. It reads like it was compiled by a well meaning committee, who are rather remote from the sharp end of the issues. For instance, I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry at the lovely, but completely, almost insanely unrealistic code of practice on breeding. I can imagine a tiny number of breeders (our own Midori for instance, or DaisyDotand Gertie) complying, but as i've been closely involved with recent Welsh attempts to improve licensing conditions, some of these were just hopelessly far from the horrible reality in many licensed premises.

The Cariad downloadable leaflet is a good, user friendly download as an alternative. here
I suppose anything which helps even marginally to raise awareness of responsible dog ownership should be welcomed, but I'd be amazed if this is well used.

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