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Dog having weird reaction to Advantix

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Napsalot Sun 30-Sep-12 09:52:38

We are in an are known for ticks. Our vet has recommended Advantix over Frontline as being most effective to prevent ticks.

Our dog always reactes to Advantix -sometimes more extremely than others. She is a very cuddly dog and she reactes by being SUPER cuddly -will not leave anyone's side. Wants to sit on your lap. Wants to sit next to baby -will sit with anyone! She becomes very anxious.

I am torn -she is not herself when she takes it but ticks are lethal so feel we should continue to give into her. Is this a normal reaction?

Cuebill Sun 30-Sep-12 11:23:30

Speak to your vet but you could try a seresto collar. This prevents ticks and may be better for your dog.

Not a normal reaction but some dogs do react to advantix, some squeal when it is put on so it may sting etc but I am not a vet so do check with your vet - there are alternatives

Napsalot Sun 30-Sep-12 12:05:58

Thanks Cuebill. Yes, have spoken to vet and the suggestions offered were a tick collar which I haven't been so keen on as my DC often pat the dog and I don't want them touching it. Also offered Frontline but said its not as effective and a dog on it last week came in with a tick. Might see if there is anything else out there....

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Sun 30-Sep-12 12:07:31

you need frontline combo - stops ticks too. Normal frontline wont cut it.

foronethreadonly Sun 30-Sep-12 12:15:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 30-Sep-12 12:15:40

Problem with any frontline is it takes 48hours to kill the ticks. I use seresto collar and actually the active ingredients in seresto are newer and safer than any other tick product on the market. Whilst the drug is in the collar the actual release of active ingredients so exposure for child is no different to the spot ons. Mobile mop and two cats all sleep on DDs bed with DD all with their seresto collars on nobody has had any ticks all summer.

Napsalot Sun 30-Sep-12 13:03:52

Thank you for your input- much appreciated!

JaxTellerIsMyFriend Sun 30-Sep-12 19:20:54

oh I stand corrected then. blush

sunflowerseeds Sun 30-Sep-12 19:21:03

Are ticks really lethal where you live? I just pull them off and dab the place with surgical spirit.

Napsalot Sun 30-Sep-12 22:40:09

I live outside of the UK and this area is known for paralysis ticks -if undetected, they are fatal. Our friends got one in their poodle -the dog ended up on life support. Pet insurance doesn't often cover these so treatment was very very expensive. (Dog fully recovered as it was caught just in time). It really scares me!

SrirachaGirl Sun 30-Sep-12 22:47:42

Lyme disease is not something you want to mess with (I'm in Canada). Ask your vet what the top-of-the-line regimen is for tick AND flea protection and go with that. We use Advantix for fleas and ticks plus Heartgard (for heart worm)?

Napsalot Sun 30-Sep-12 23:25:45

Yes -I agree. Problem is the vet says Advantix is the best one to use for both -I am torn because the dog doesn't tolerate it so well. I have kept giving it to her though as I am very concerned about ticks and they are very prevalent in this area. I will continue to give it to her for now especially as it is tick season here.

Lonecatwithkitten Mon 01-Oct-12 16:50:54

I would look into the seresto collar it is the new generation (new this year) and will almost certainly replace advantix. Plus as it lasts 8 months it works out well money wise.

Napsalot Mon 01-Oct-12 23:20:56

Thanks Lonecat -I think I will ask about them again.

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