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Doha Wed 26-Sep-12 22:31:16

Is this normal?
My 11 month old pup seems to have come with an in built alarm system. Every morning--and l mean EVERY morning he wakens up at 7.10am and wakens me up.
All is well and good 4 days a week when l work but l have tried to explain to him that l need a long lie at leazst once a week but he is not interested hmm

So what l would like to know is does anyone else have this problem and also does anyone know where the alarm reset button is on my cocker spaniel....

tazzle22 Wed 26-Sep-12 22:39:37

alarm reset ..... on a young spaniel .... errrmmmm ...... nope wink

Its 8 years since puppyhood but mine did manage to grow up eventually and be able to wait a bit. Sometimes I just got up, let them out for toilet purposes and ensured toys /chew available and went back up to bed for a snuggle ..

.. then found that all she wanted was to be beside me so let her up to lie with me in the bedroom..... she learnt to settle and be quiet... Tho I do accept thats the hardest bit for any sort of spaniel. grin

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