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dog as surprise present (not to me)

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sununu Wed 26-Sep-12 12:30:29

my babysitter just told me that her younger sister was given a dog as a surprise for her 18th birthday by her boyfriend yesterday shock. the dog ('small and like a fox') is around 9 months, came from a shop where it had been given up (this bit unclear), and has had lots of previous owners they think. they live in a flat. the dog is nervous. I lent her my puppy books and said to be slow and cautious as they know nothing about its background. I suggested we walk the dogs together. I forgot to ask if it is even neutered. what do you think? maybe they will be able to look after it fine but I am concerned.

MothershipG Wed 26-Sep-12 13:30:17

I really hope I'm wrong but my first reaction was 'recipe for disaster'! sad

It's 9 months, they have no idea about it's history and it came from a surprise that it's nervous then!!! Like a fox? So possibly some sort of Pomeranian or Spitz? Both of which can have dodgy temperaments and this poor baby sounds like it's had the worst possible start. angry Do they have any experience with dogs? Is there someone at home to look after it?

Did she even want a dog? confused

Scuttlebutter Wed 26-Sep-12 13:37:44

This has disaster written all over it. angry at numpty boyfriend sad for poor bloody dog shoved around like a parcel.

Can the new owner afford a dog? Does she have the time to train and look after a young dog with what sounds like multiple issues? Most importantly, does she even want a dog? If she doesn't even know what breed it is, this does not sound like a considered purchase.

What does the flat lease say about having pets? She could end up being homeless over this, if there is a no pets clause in the tenancy. Don't think I'd want to be traipsing up and down stairs fifty times a day house training a new pup if I lived in a flat.

How will the neighbours feel if dog is a barker?

Personally, I would strongly advise she contacts a local no kill rescue and asks for their help in finding a properly vetted forever home for this poor pup and then dumps the boyfriend as fast as possible.

I cannot believe that some people in this day and age are STILL stupid, selfish and cruel enough to give pets as presents. angry

sununu Wed 26-Sep-12 14:44:51

I totally agree, I couldn't believe it. they have had a family dog before, but definitely don't seem clued up, or prepared (obviously, since a surprise!). luckily the oldest girl that babysits for me is very responsible, unlike sister and boyfriend - she was dismayed about the whole thing, and worried about tenancy too. I will keep asking how its going and offer to help contact rescue if necessary.

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