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Excessive blood loss during spay - my dog is on fluids will she be ok?

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OhSoSimple Tue 25-Sep-12 15:00:27

My year old shih tzu has been spayed today. Just had a phone call to say she "oozed" a lot when on the table and was immediately put on fluids. Cannot pick up until 6pm. She came around about an hour and a half ago.

I am worried sick about her. Is this normal, my old JRT was spayed and came home a bit woozy but as bouncy as ever by morning. I've been told my shih tzu will need to wear a lampshade thingy and have days of painkillers.

Scuttlebutter Tue 25-Sep-12 15:13:27

Loads of dogs (both boys and girls) need to wear the cone after an operation -it's to stop them trying to lick or pull their stitches. She might not need it vor very long - dogs vary so much in how they are with their stitches. If she leaves them alone, you might be fine. You could also pop her into a Tshirt to stop her getting at them without needing the lampshade.

Painkillers is good - it's a major operation so they will probably give her some Metacam or similar for two or three days. This is to keep her comfortable and aid her recovery. It sounds like your vet is being very thorough and caring and wanting to make sure she recovers quickly.

It's still worrying though. One of our foster dogs is going for her spay in a couple of weeks and although I am glad she is being done, I will be a complete jelly on the day, and will be unable to do anything till she is home again with us, even though the vet is lovely. Once she is home, have a nice wine and she'll probably be bouncing around like mad in a few days, and you'll be trying to keep her occupied. smile

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