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any way I can stop my dog messing on floor?

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memphis83 Tue 25-Sep-12 10:44:45

I have a collie x lab that is 2, he is great im many ways but over the last month we come down to a kitchen with at least one pile of poo in it, this morning was 6 heaps of slop, Dh is away so not sure if last night was nerves.
He gets two big walks a day but rarely poo's while out but goes a few times in garden a day and last thing at night goes out in garden fine.
He is on right amout of food for weight so not over feeding. We put his cage away about 6 months ago as he would pull his bed out to sleep on it and wouldn't go in cage.
Any advice, I feel we have done everything, we have even been vets who say he is fine.
He tells us if he needs to go out in day and he doesn't tell us at night.
Thanks in advance.

Scuttlebutter Tue 25-Sep-12 12:54:42

I'd do two things. Firstly, back to vet with sample and ask for analysis - it could be a persistent parasite infection.

Secondly, if that is ruled out, I'd be taking a very serious look at his diet. He really, really shouldn't be pooing that much.

What are you currently feeding him?

memphis83 Tue 25-Sep-12 13:02:25

James Wellbeloved, I cant remember what one as we put it in a huge bucket, what would you recommend?
It is normally solid, but a huge mound of it, today is the first time it is slop, thats why I thought that could be nerves as he is DH's shadow normally and just wants to sit at the door waiting.

memphis83 Tue 25-Sep-12 13:51:55

He goes to a dog daycare twice a week where they feed him. Due to lots of other dogs he eats their food which Ipresume would be a cheap one, could this be a reason? Rang vet and he said try changing food to their science plan.

D0oinMeCleanin Tue 25-Sep-12 14:00:44

The vet gets commission for selling Hills products. They're really not that great.

It could very well be the food the dog sitters use, it's not good for them to switch foods suddenly. JWB is a fairly good food. Can't you send them a bag and ask them to feed him that instead of theirs?

If that doesn't solve it I'd try a raw diet if you have the freezer space.

And yes to back to the vets first.

memphis83 Tue 25-Sep-12 14:33:20

The vet said change his food first. Before they test his poo as he isnt showing any signs like weight loss.
At the dog sitter its a big barn with about 20 dogs so I cant see how they would stop him getting thtat food. Maybe I should stop him going for a few weeks. Thanks to both of you for advice I will go to the animal feeds shop as they sell Hills, JWB and all of the no supermarket type brands and see what they suggest, also will take him to a different vet if it persists.

bunnysmummy Tue 25-Sep-12 14:57:42

I find my dog is best on Royal Canin. Pricey but is often on offer somewhere.
We had a soiling issue a while back and bought one of those plug ins that release a pheromone that a dam would normally give off to settle anxious puppies. It's called DAP. That sorted her out
I do find that if we swap food around, ie give her a different brand one day it sets her stomach off, as do bones and fatty bits off meat, Could he have had any scraps or bones at dog sitters.

Scuttlebutter Tue 25-Sep-12 15:02:20

The problem is that changing his diet will do no good at all if he does have an infection of some sort. I'd still be pushing for a sample personally, so you can rule that out.

JWB is a good kibble but even good kibbles can trigger upsets if your dog is allergic to or sensitive to a particular ingredient. I'd agree with your dog sitter only feeding what you supply, and to be honest why does your dog sitter need to feed anyway? If you feed before he goes, and at night on return, can't see any need for additional food, unless it is treats used as a training aid.

As Dooin said, stay away from the Hills/Science Plan - expensively marketed crap, that vets get commission for selling.

If you want to stay on kibble, JWB has a number of different varieties, Burns is excellent too and Fish4Dogs is often praised by people whose dogs have allergies, also Skinners. Loads of threads on here on diet for sensitive tums - have a browse. Also dog food mfrs like JWB/Burns etc have nutritionists and you can phone them to discuss your dogs diet - friends have used the Burns service and found it very helpful indeed.

With our sensitive boy, we ended up switching to a raw type diet, and it's wonderful. Lovely poo - small and firm. smile

memphis83 Tue 25-Sep-12 15:14:04

This is great advice!
I don't think they feed an actual meal but they use it for training and hide it in things to make them forage.
I will talk to him tomorrow whnen they pick him up. I will also call Burns to see what they recommend

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