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Inordinately happy!

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CalamityKate Mon 24-Sep-12 14:29:36

I have 2 dogs. A 12 year old collie/poodle cross and her 5 year old daughter.

Older dog has been slowing down a bit lately. Nothing too drastic; just a bit stiff first thing in the morning sometimes, especially if its cold/wet or she's had a particularly long walk the day before. Otherwise still very sprightly and happy and lively.

So a few weeks ago I splashed out and got a lovely snuggly cushion from PAH, filled with foam bits and with a removable, washable cover and a waterproof inner cover. Lovely.

Except she wouldn't go on it! I kept putting it in her usual places (if I'm on the PC she lies next to it, if I'm watching TV she lies near the chair etc) but wherever I put it she would lie beside it but not rest so much as her chin on it.

Just got her back from the groomer and had a brainwave. Took the fleecy cover off and put it where she was lying. She lay on it. Yay!!

While she was getting used to that idea, I got a bin bag and emptied half of the filling out of the bed. It's still lovely and soft but flatter.

Put the cover back on and SHE'S LYING ON IT!! <huge grin>

She looks sooooo comfy! :D

<happy sigh>

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