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Dogs and Children

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cuebill Sat 22-Sep-12 19:38:32

Here are a couple of great articles about keeping children and dogs safe together.

this one about dog bites and bite prevention

this one on dogs and hugs and shows dogs body language

helping us to understand dog body language and anxiety signals

general site for dog and children safety

Nigglenaggle Sun 23-Sep-12 07:59:23

Cool smile The Kennel Club also have a link on their site:

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 23-Sep-12 09:48:35

This best piece of advice I ever heard was a Sarah Heath showing a picture of a child and a young dog. She pointed to the child and said 'this one is learning to be calm and well behaved' she then pointed to the dog and said 'and this one is learning to be calm and well behaved and if you leave them alone together for any time at all neither of them can continue to learn.'

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