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Naughty Poodle..... Thinking of rehomeing....

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poppiesmom Sat 22-Sep-12 13:31:51

I have 2 toy poodles out of the same litter... Both bitches... they will be 3 in November... I don't think i can take anymore... When we go for a walk they pull, she barks at other dog's and anything just get's so worked up about everything... ( the one is a lot worse than the other... She makes this horrid squeal when she's excited.. which is whenever i go to the door... When she gets in the car... when were travelling.. to get to the park.... It's driving me nut's... i have tried training.. but she just cannot keep calm... then she start's the other one off.... Honest .. i just can't cope anymore... Then My hubby who won't even take them out cause they're poodles ... tell's me i cant get rid of one without the other,,,.....
Is there any hope for me or my Naughty poodles????

QueenofJacksDreams Sat 22-Sep-12 13:43:56

sad You really should of looked into the breed more before deciding to take two of them on.

Have you tried training them one at a time apart from each other? It doesn't sound like they've had any training. When walking do you walk them separably or together? Sounds like they could benefit from being walked apart for a while when one starts to pull turn around and walk a few steps in the opposite direction every time you have to be consistent with training.

5 minutes on google tells me that its normal for toy poodles to squeal when excited and to be honest it sounds adorable imo.

Get a good trainer and train both dogs apart from each other and maybe post here on these poodle forums for some more advice.

happygardening Sat 22-Sep-12 13:45:17

If your going to rehome them will the breeder take them back or have you contacted her/him for advise?
My colleague has three toy poodles they are really naughty; poodle are fun loving intelligent dogs with a sense of humour, hers dig up the lawn and are into everything apparently they have terrier in them hence the digging and hers are brilliant ratters and I understand from a poodle expert that the toys are more yappy than miniatures ( I have a miniature).
This is a dedicated poodle rescue; TOY POODLE RESCUE-REHOMING Mrs D Ramsey Tele 01424 713123 I would go through them first.

happygardening Sat 22-Sep-12 13:51:50

They are really easy to train because they are intelligent but vey much want to please mine squeals when he doesn't get his own way we just ignore him! We have a toy one at the dog training class younger than yours but everyone comments on how easy he is to train and my DH has a friend whose dogs win obedience classes all over Europe and at Crufts etc and he also says poodles are lovely trainable dogs.
Talk to your breeder if they're are reputable they should be happy to help most serious poodle breeders are completely nuts about them and IME very knowledgeable.

D0oinMeCleanin Sat 22-Sep-12 14:28:33

Well for a start dogs are not 'naughty' they do not have the complex emotions to be deliberately naughty.

Your dog is pulling because it is self rewarding. She pulls. She gets to go forwards.

She barks because it is self rewarding. She gets excited, she barks, her friend joins in everything is doubly exciting. You shout i.e also join in the with the barking. Great fun.

You need to train them separately.

Consult an APDT trainer or attend a class.

There really is no need at all to rehome your dogs because you cannot be arsed to train them properly. It's just passing the problem to another person and is lazy and heartless. Sorry but it is.

multipoodles Sat 22-Sep-12 15:56:15

Which is why you should never buy two puppies from the same litter at the same time, it's not that they are poodles it's because they have never had the chance to be individuals. Good breeders will rarely if ever sell two pups like this, they know what lies ahead is not an easy road. They become dependant on each other, it makes training much more difficult and two pups are not double the work of one but three times the work. Each needs to be trained individually then together.

We've had lots of poodles, various sizes, ages and sexes but rarely do I have what you describe, the only time we have chaos is when we mention walkies but that calms down once we get out of the door. Have you thought of doing something like agility with them, separately of course, we did agility a long time ago and poodles are a natural at it. They are a super intelligent breed but they do need guidance and boundaries. If you are going to rehome speak to Poodles in Need.

poppiesmom Sat 22-Sep-12 17:16:32

Advice noted... Thank you all .... I'm aware now That I've been doing it all wrong.... She is a naughty dog ( sometime's!!! Why would she climb on the dining table and Poo when i went out???? only once... But i don't find it GOOD!!!!) I do have a over busy schedule... and will try to take them out separate... and train separate i think is probably common sense... To everyone!!! (except ME!!!!blush ... I shall certainly be trying it from NOW on... in fact right now.... But i know whichever one i take ( Miss naughty most undoubtedly.... The other will cry...sad

EasyToEatTiger Sat 22-Sep-12 18:20:32

You'll get there if you put the work in. Any dog can take advantage. Today, horror dog legged it. He heard me, then decided to take the initiative and bolt into the wild blue yonder. I felt like leaving him there. I really did. I too have my work cut out. Sometimes a shift in attitude will help. I think my attitude may have slipped. Dogs are a lot of work, and when you put the work in, they are immensely rewarding. Having 2 dogs the same age is particularly difficult as they get to bond with each other instead of with you, so you really will have to train them separately and take them out separately before you take them together. I know it sounds a pain, but these walks don't have to be great long treks. You'd do it for your children! Once you get a handle on this you will be so pleased. I hope you go for it and enjoy these canine family members!

happygardening Sat 22-Sep-12 18:47:31

OP after many years of dog ownership I finally bit the bullet and realised a life long ambition and got a poodle; I was put of by the cost of clipping but have discovered that its not quite as onerous as I thought.
The good news is that I have found poodles to be highly trainable they really want to do the right thing they learn very quickly and Im not an expert dog trainer. We initially walked our puppy on his own (and still do a short walk on his own at least every other day) not with my other long suffering adult dog. He learned so fast one day he couldn't do something at all, the next day he could, and I was only walking for 5 mins 3 times a day. But I could never have done it with the older dog however well behaved because he needed all my concentration. I also train for 5 minutes two to three times a day either in the house or garden teaching basics sit down fetch etc, and then I groom him every day this has helped him learn that there are times when he has to things that he really doesn't want to do it takes 3 mins. So all in all about half an hour a day direct training. But of course there are other things he learns he has a crate which I decide when he goes into, he goes to see my father in a nursing home and meets elderly (they love him because he so soft) he goes in the car to work with me he hates the car because he suffers from travel sickness but he's learning that I said he's going the car no discussion and he's getting better, and he's also restrained in the car in a dog seat belt and he now accepts this. Can you try and incorporate training your dogs into your busy life? I too am very busy but it is doable.
I use the Gwen Baily Perfect Puppy book Im sure most of what she says is applicable to adult dogs as well and of course once a week go to dog training classes.
Finally I am surprised by how much exercise even a puppy enjoys are you walking yours enough my colleague with three walks them for over and an hour and half a day they love chasing leaves each other and their friends. Its sad that your DH wont walk them they are in reality far removed from the prissy image people have of them, can you clip them in a less poodley way if you know what I mean. In fact mine has a "lamb clip" he looks like a ball of fluff crossed with a teddy bear and most people ask me what breed of dog it is and are very surprised when I say its a poodle.
Poodles are adorable fun loving and owner loving little dog Im sure if you persevere they will come right.

poppiesmom Sat 22-Sep-12 19:01:12

EasyToEatTiger And happygardening .... Thank you both for your very nice kind words...

I do on a daily basic try to concur the world.... Why is beyond me... my poor little doggies are gonna have to learn to do without each other for a few 5 minute spells each and every day... it will probably do them the world of good... The will sit... and stay... Naughty doggie finds it difficult to stay still if she's sitting when on her lead she get's very excited and wiggles forward off the spot... so we have to put her back to start again... funny... to watch... Little madam....

I shall keep you posted....

happygardening Sat 22-Sep-12 20:20:01

Poodles have the funniest expressions mine when doing something be wears his "hat" at a rakish ankle and I cant talk to him without laughing!

happygardening Sat 22-Sep-12 20:21:42

Trying to say; doing something he shouldnt be wears his hat.....

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