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Could my puppy be shy of pooing?

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feelinghopeful Fri 21-Sep-12 22:39:51

She's 11 weeks old today and is totally gorgeous, but I'm getting the impression that she prefers to do her poos on her own when no-one's looking.

This is obviously Not what I have been doing to date! Outside every hour, huge praise and treats whenever she does a wee. I try to watch her carefully to make sure I don't miss an opportunity to shower her with happy congratulations.

Today we've been in the garden quite a bit but even so she has managed to sneak past me when we Have been inside to do THREE separate poos in the house, in 3 different places.

It honestly seems to me like she's making an effort to be private?

Or is this totally unlikely in a dog?

The other explanation is that she's still so young and actually has no idea when she's going to pee or poo, and we've just been incredibly unlucky that it's all, by chance, happened in the house. Even though today we were outside most of the time.

Having said that she doesn't poo or wee in her crate so there must be some bowel control?

Anyway I remember reading a thread recently about dogs too shy to poo in company.

Do I have a puppy with the same inhibitions, and if so how do I change my training methods to encourage her to go outside? (she won't stay outside without me).

Thanks so much.

frazzledbutcalm Sat 22-Sep-12 09:19:35

feed her a good puppy food first of all. a puppy at 12 weeks old is like a 6 month old baby so really doesn't have bladder/bowel control. if they catch on before then it's usually just the nature of the dog or down to good luck. the food and routine/training does make a difference.

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