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Who 'decided' to have the dog you have?

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Imsosorryalan Fri 21-Sep-12 12:21:11

Dh and I are looking for a dog. Well he said we could get one but I have been actively looking while he gets on with important decisions (tweeting, emails, tv) etc I have asked him what he thinks about this and that dog and apart from "that's a nice one" or not has left me to do all the research etc.

Is this normal? So was wondering who actually researched, found and decided on the dog you have now?

PeriPathetic Fri 21-Sep-12 12:28:34

Sounds normal to me grin DH wasn't anti-dog by any means, it just wasn't suitable where we were at the time.

I decided on the breed, did 2 years of research, dripfed details to DH and educated DD in the subtle art of 'persuading'.

We upped the pressure in the last few months. Then one day he met a pup of the same breed and I noticed his change of attitude. So I got the wheels in motion and we picked up our girl the following weekend. He's smitten, as we all are wink

TwelveLeggedWalk Fri 21-Sep-12 12:31:15

We chose the breeder, waited until he had a litter ready, went to view the 2 pups who weren't allocated - and an older pup he'd taken back - discussed our lifestyle with him, and agreed between us which was the best dog for us.
Most days I think he was right when Giant Pup isn't counter surfing or mugging guests

BreeVanDerTramp Fri 21-Sep-12 13:26:30

DH just came home and the dog was in the kitchen grin

tabulahrasa Fri 21-Sep-12 13:43:49

<looks at manic puppy and wishes she had someone else to blame> lol, actually he's sleeping, he's very sweet when he's sleeping....

Me, my last dog died nearly 2 years ago, I badgered DP until he gave in about getting another one, I then started looking in rescues for either a youngish cat friendly dog or a puppy... (that was pretty much my only criteria) DP refused point blank to consider a staffy or greyhound or a cross of either of them, which made it blooming hard given that that's mostly what you get. hmm

and his reasons were ridiculous, but given that I'd badgered him into it I thought he should get a say, he then came out with a list of breeds he liked and I picked the one I thought would suit me the most. ( I really don't know why he was picking the breeds he was, as at one point he suggested either a husky or a newfoundland and for the life of me I can't work out what they've got in common, lol)

I did the rest after that.

stowsettler Fri 21-Sep-12 14:13:48

DP at the time chose the breed, he's had Jack Russells before but I had always been a big dog person. He persuaded me that Jacks are big dogs, they just happen to have small bodies (he was right).
We asked at the vets if they knew of any suitable litters coming up. Second litter we went to see (just to have a look and decide) and came away with two gorgeous little pupsters. We didn't choose them, Wilma chose DP and Fred chose me. They're 10 now and just the acest, most brilliant and gorgeous dogs in the universe.

Choufleur Fri 21-Sep-12 14:18:00

Ds - we agreed to get a dog (wanted a young dog which was ok with cats - not a terrier type). Second rescue centre we went to ds fell in love with our bonkers and soft springer.

D0oinMeCleanin Fri 21-Sep-12 14:20:19

The dogs kinda decided for themselves. I wanted a rescue staffy but ended up at a pound, where the only dog who was available at the time was well past his pts to date, so he came home with us. He was not a staffy.

My second dog just kind of ended up with us. I had no clue at all how to look after such a skinny dog (whippety cross thing) much googling was needed.

I ended up fostering sighthounds after enquiring about fostering Staffies only to be told there was more need for experienced sighthound homes and would I please, please, please consider fostering a greyhound.

I still haven't got my staffy sad

SpicyPear Fri 21-Sep-12 16:31:37

Me. DH agreed in principal but wanted a socially acceptable "posh" breed pup. Whilst deciding on breed, a vet friend convinced me to visit a rescue. After ten mins looking round I was at the front desk saying I wanted a staffy and five mins later I was introduced to SpicyDog. She was the only one deemed suitable for someone with no staffy experience and not on "display" because she was too nervous to "sell" herself to prospective owners sad.

I fell in love with her little sad face and spent a week researching like mad plus "selling" her to DH. He then met her once and reluctantly said yes to shut me up. Took her home three visits later. He loves her to bits. If they both disappear I know I will find them on the bed having a sneaky cuddle.

Smallgreenone Fri 21-Sep-12 17:18:13

Me! We discussed it and dh said we could have one. Then I went out and bought the sweetest and naughtiest little beagle puppy. I'd wanted a beagle since I was a little girl I neglected to tell dh what high energy total nut cases all beagles are but 7 years later and he's sorting of calming down a bit! Dh loves him as much as I do though and it's much more interesting to have a bit of personality than a totally obedient dog!

LST Fri 21-Sep-12 19:36:13

DP. The cats are all mine.

SauvignonBlanche Fri 21-Sep-12 19:39:15

The rescue decided, they interviewed us then suggested one - they were right, he's lovely!

ratbagcatbag Fri 21-Sep-12 19:42:35

Rang an ad in paper offering free dog, went round picked him up, he had no lead, no training, no manners and no normal diet (beans on toast generally) he's a staffy x possibly beagle, he's bloody crazy and my mum was petrified of him, when I left home he stayed with mum and keeps her company all day with his still mental antics 11 years later. Oh and sleeps on her bed with her, which mu pretends she hates smile

TheGOLDCunnyFunt Fri 21-Sep-12 21:35:06

Me! I begged, persuaded, nagged, badgered and pestered until finally DP caved in and agreed to a Greyhound. He is my dog, I walk him, feed him, do everything for him. DP likes him and that's about it hmm but tbh I don't care. Sprocket is all I've ever wanted, my own dog smile

tooearlytobeup Fri 21-Sep-12 22:34:45

That would be me. My husband had some input, for example he wanted a puppy where I would have preferred an adult rescue and I agreed because it was important to him, but I had final say. He didnt actually see the pup until I hd brought him home. He still sometimes says to me "I wanted a small dog that didn't need much exercise" when our mad Springer is bouncing all over the place grin

kitsmummy Sat 22-Sep-12 08:19:20

Me both times - with our first dog I had to beg and plead for a pug as DH likes large dogs and hates pugs grin. He loves her now though.

With our second dog I was flipping amazed that DH had agreed in the first place so I had to let him have his list of requirements met (large, not staffy or greyhound) but obviously I was the one doing all the research and presenting a suitable ie the one i wanted selection to DH to choose. So we now have a rescue "boxer cross" from MT who in real life looks absolutely nothing like a boxer. She's more of a terrier face with big bambi legs, she's lush.

charlearose Sun 23-Sep-12 01:28:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

maxcliffordslovechild Sun 23-Sep-12 01:54:35

I was at work and a lady I work with had just rescued an ex working cocker from a man who said she was crap at her job, the lady in question trains dogs for mountain rescue. When she'd picked it up he'd said to her that she could also have the dogs 1yr old pup as she was equally crap and gunshy. She couldn't take her (training one was enough of a commitment as she already had 4 others) but wasn't happy with the condition the dogs were living in.

She mentioned it to me and as I was looking for a dog at the time she seemed a good fit (DH would only consider a rottie or cocker), DH was working away at the time so phoned him to ask his opinion, i was actually leaning towards persuading DH to consider greyhound rescue, anyhow that was the tuesday got her the thursday.

I was totally unprepared for the amount of training she would need she had many many issues but a year on i wouldn't be without her (even when the rain in lashing down and I have to drag my lazy arse off the sofa to go up the mountain to walk).

I always wanted a dane.. Dsis had two.. i was very jealous lol

She found out sadly that she had cancer and had to have a hysterectomy, i had one of the danes that the kids couldn't walk due to his size, she kept the bitch who was better behaved, until she got better.

I've still got him smile Dsis is better though <relief> .. and he is the best pet i have ever owned but very lazy grin

The pup (free to good home. collected by a woman who know cack all about the breed and couldn't cope) asked me to have him to calm him down and give him some basic training, then blocked me on phone / facebook the lot, eventually told me through a mutual friend that she didn't want him back.
So now i have two, smile

nooka Sun 23-Sep-12 02:33:43

dh tells me that all the choices about our dog were mine, but I'm not so sure. I think he was the one that wanted a puppy, we both agreed that it should be from rescue, although I did spend some time looking at adverts. I then checked our local rescue several times a day (pups seemed to disappear in seconds) until dear dog appeared. dh chose him from the litter.

Now we are thinking about possibly getting another, but I think it will be an older dog this time. We'll see what comes up I think. I'd like a houndy sort of dog I think.

freerangechickens Sun 23-Sep-12 02:47:09

The person at the rescue we went to. We told her our about us and our lifestyle and had her meet our family and be around our kids, and she picked out what dog she thought would be the best match for us. It worked out so well we went back less than a month later and had her do it again.

LaplanderAndProud Sun 23-Sep-12 03:50:39

DH. I'd had dogs before, but they were all working dogs, and even if I praised them or stroked them, you weren't meant to get affectionate. DH really wanted a dog, he'd never had a dog but had always wanted one. He researched breed, asked me questions, saw that I was experienced with stronger dogs, saw what dogs would be suitable for the climate (we're in Sweden) and we decided on two Malamutes. Well, he decided, I got dragged along to a local rescue to see if they had any. As it happened, they did, and he got me to agree to adopt them with him. I'm so grateful now, they're lovely, we ended up getting a greyhound later! Your DH will probably come round to the dog thing eventually, like me, it took time.

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