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Is there a new puppy thread?

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FiveHoursSleep Sun 16-Sep-12 18:42:51

If not, could this be one, please?
We have just agreed to offer a home to a 6 week old GSD x collie? pup whose mum was rescued from an Irish dog pound.
We pick him up in a couple of weeks. Time to drag out the crate and chew toys...
He's living in a kennel atm with his mum and siblings so we''l be starting from the top when it comes to toilet training too.
Who else has new puppies and what stage are you up to with them?

JellyTedd Tue 18-Sep-12 16:19:10

We are using a crate for our 10 wo pup. So far she has gone in it at night ok, just a few whimpers then nothing until we get up and let her out. This morning she hadn't even done a wee on the puppy pad.

But when I crate her while I take a shower or go out for a short time she cries. Will this improve? Should I be putting a treat in with her when I crate her in the day? I have ordered a konk, do i need to put something in it such as chopped chicken?

Hatti my parents have a miniature schnauzer which loves her crate, she is 18 months old now and can often be found in there having a snooze during the day. She never seems distressed in it and chooses to go in when she wants.

Puppypanic Wed 19-Sep-12 18:38:56

I have a 5 month old Dalmatian and he absolutely loves his crate. It is so cosy, bed, vet bed and more bed and right next to the radiator he loves it! I leave the door open all day unless I need to have a shower or go out for a while. I always make sure he has had some attention, play, walk whatever before he goes in with the door shut and he gets a peanut butter stuffed kong to reward him.

They get big sooooo quickly....

FiveHoursSleep Wed 19-Sep-12 18:48:44

I think the how long before they are dry at night question is a how long is a piece of string question. It depends on the dog, the food it's eating, the environment, all that sort of thing. Most are dry by 6 months though.
Crate training isn't cruel at all when done properly.
JellyTed, I'd use a stuffed kong or other toy to amuse your pup when you crate him during the day.

JellyTedd Thu 20-Sep-12 07:30:33

FiveHours what do I stuff the kong with?

FiveHoursSleep Thu 20-Sep-12 08:05:48

Here is a good kong stuffing guide.
I use a mixture of whatever is in the fridge and some dog biscuits.

hattifattner Thu 20-Sep-12 12:08:54

Hmmmm. Baby puppy (11.5 weeks) not eating - left her supper last night (after a very busy play in the park with a 6 month old springer and a 12 week old unbelievably cute to watch) - I figured she was shattered.

Thismorning she has had some milk, but just a tiny bit of food. Seems a little lethargic (still tired?) but we've been out walkies thismorning. We've had wees and poos, both seem normal enough.

Dont know if i should be worried - will certainly take to vet tomorrow if she doesnt pick up later today, but wondered if anyone has had similar experience?

FiveHoursSleep Thu 20-Sep-12 12:25:08

Keep an eye on wees and poos. Is she sleepier than normal as well, or is just a lack of appetite?

Ullena Thu 20-Sep-12 12:55:20

Hattifattner, has she had all her jabs? Hope she is ok smile

FiveHoursSleep Thu 20-Sep-12 13:23:36

Those of you who actually have your puppies, if you have a 'routine', can you give me some idea of how it goes?
I need to get an idea of how we are going to help our new arrival fit in.

hattifattner Thu 20-Sep-12 14:37:36

Ullena, yes, had her last one last Tuesday, due to be wormed next tuesday, she just seems a little flat, has been making suckling noises in her sleep (bless!) and has eaten some bits, just not a huge amount.

Im going to try her with some doggy gravy on her biscuits later and see how she gets on. She played with her kong for a while earlier (with treats in) but just doesnt seem too interested.

maybe she'll buck up once the kids are home!

Ullena Thu 20-Sep-12 20:47:14

Can I join too please? I am currently counting down the days to our labrador's first and only litter going to their very nice new homes, but we are keeping one of them so I will be going through the new puppy bouncies/chewies/howlies along with the rest of you grin

Our pup is the runt, and due to problems during the birth he was starved of oxygen. He is both blind and deaf. Eldest dog dotes on him, as does my collie. They keep shepherding him about and bringing him toys.

doublemocha Fri 21-Sep-12 11:31:41

Hello, another one to join the party?

We are getting a Hungarian Vizsla puppy (a boy) late October/early November. We have a deposit on a litter who were born (12 - 10 dogs, 2 bitches) on 5 September. I got to see them at one day old and we are going again on Saturday. Amazing.

Our close friends have a Vizsla so we (sort of!) know what we are getting i.e high energy and intelligent softies, in fact their dog is our puppies sister from a previous litter! Although, it's our first dog of any kind so I will be glad of any advice. I am 80% excited and 20% scared!!

I have found a Vizsla forum which is amazing for information that I can pass on as some stuff on there will surely suit all puppies.

From there, I have picked up loads of information about feeding, I think we will go for Taste of the Wild, grain free and has the appropriate protein levels for a Vizsla puppy. The website previous posted is American so some of the food on their isn't available here but many are and it's really useful!

Re puppy toys, a lot of owners on the forum seem to suggest that their puppy loved soft toys with squeakers when young and they wished they had got more of this sort of thing so maybe not all hard stuff?

It's such a minefield isn't it? Crates, food, training, leads, treats, beds etc!!

I have also got Gwen Bailey's book, which I think is sensible and excellent.

Ullena - I think that's a super thing you are doing keeping your puppy, how have you found the whole breeding experience?

doublemocha Fri 21-Sep-12 11:52:21

Oh yes - insurance!! Minefield!! Anyone got any tips? Our puppy will have 4 weeks insurance, given he is from KC registered breeders but after that... does it need to be 'lifetime' for a condition? Do you get what you pay for?

Ullena Fri 21-Sep-12 12:30:22

Doublemocha, breeding was never something we wanted to do but we foolishly left our dogs with a friend when we were on holiday. It was not until our labrador started to show signs such as plumper tummy that we were told by our friend that the labrador and the collie had mated angry

We went ahead with it, and are covering all the costs ourselves, with new owners paying only a token sum. Friend did help to cover the bill for the emergency c-section and aftercare, which was only fair really.

Breeding is really hard, so many sleepless nights! Thankfully our bitch is an incredible mum, but due to her surgery we did do some hand rearing too. Every hour, on the hour, feed and rub tummy, then wipe away mess. And of course she went into labour on our bed, under the quilt, on top of my legs...

Food bills now are what they would be for ten adult dogs, the puppies just get lots of little meals. Expensive but worth every penny. The hardest part is the rehoming. We have followed the Puppy Plan with them and have been socialising/desensitising from the get go. So they are very well rounded puppies. Rehoming, well we were very particular about homes and have found some great families. I did turn several people away, some due to them being completely unsuitable for any dog, most due them needing a different sort of dog.

I have suggested checking rescues to everyone who enquired. One family had been to several rescues but found only difficult dogs available and did not feel they could handle them - all the sort of dogs they liked were already booked.

We are giving the lifetime return option and will also be available to help with training. So it is a lifelong thing for us now! We have made good friends with the new owners, but if I had to do it all again, I would never have left our dogs with that person. Breeding is just so hard and emotionally draining. I do not recommend it, but if anyone is ever in our situation, it is possible to do it! Just don't expect to make money, and buy a very good mop - you will need it!

Our little special pup is currently curled up asleep with his mum next to me. At least, I think he is asleep, he is relaxed and making little running motions. His eyes are open so it is hard to tell at times. I love him, but he reminds me that we took the decision that any pup with health issues was our responsibility. It could so easily have been the whole litter, or they could have had bad hips, though both parents are good that way. All the things that could have gone wrong, it really is not worth breeding, unless you have a very good reason or are left with no choice.

Treasuring every moment of it though. Amazing thing to experience. But so very, very difficult, expensive and dangerous. We almost lost both mum and her litter due to complete primary inertia. Vet has been incredible, we have since changed all of our dogs over to him.

Vizsla puppy incoming...lucky yougrin

FiveHoursSleep Fri 21-Sep-12 12:31:02

We have had our old dog and cats with a tesco annual insurance, which obviously wasn't the best move, but we probably got our money back in the end ;)
We have our Lurcher with Tesco extra; they've always paid up no problem and we'll put the new puppy on it as well.
Go with a lifetime policy of at least 5K per condition and stay away from E&L and anything underwritten by them!

doublemocha Fri 21-Sep-12 13:22:43

Hugely interesting post Ullena, what a journey that you have had, without even planning to do so. And not even telling you about the mating?! Is primary intertia when the urge to push stops or the puppy gets stuck?

Did you 'sell' the puppies quickly? Our breeder has, despite her intially having a waiting list for 9 girls and 2 boys, then having mainly boys! Although, a number will go to working homes and have gone through word of mouth (both bitch and stud, who they both own, are working dogs). At £800 per puppy, then they will have more than covered their costs!!

That's not a negative comment, they have been fantastic, their dogs are super (they also own the bitches mother, 3 Vizsla's altogether!) and clearly have excellent temperaments, well socialised etc. Our first trip to see a breeder was awful!

Thanks for the hint re Tesco, using compare the market hardly narrows it down!!

fanoftheinvisibleman Fri 21-Sep-12 14:52:16

Lots of new puppies now! Sounds like you have been through a lot with your dog Ullena, that must have been a huge shock.

I've just spoken to our breeder and confirmed collection of our puppy on tuesday next week so very excited. She says they have grown so much since we last visited too. Can't wait.

fanoftheinvisibleman Fri 21-Sep-12 14:52:16

Lots of new puppies now! Sounds like you have been through a lot with your dog Ullena, that must have been a huge shock.

I've just spoken to our breeder and confirmed collection of our puppy on tuesday next week so very excited. She says they have grown so much since we last visited too. Can't wait.

tabulahrasa Fri 21-Sep-12 15:16:50

Well seeing as I've been posting about him and all, I thought I'd come and say hello.

I've got a 9 and a bit week old Rottweiler - I've always had dogs, but I've only ever had older ones, my last one was 6 months when I got him so this whole tiny puppy malarkey is a bit new.

It's a bit full on, it's like having a hairy baby, with lots of pointy teeth, lol

JellyTedd Fri 21-Sep-12 20:29:34

Today was the first day my pup was allowed out, unfortunately it has rained most of the day so we have only managed a short walk around the local streets. I had her on a harness and she was amazing, she just seemed to get it and pottered along next to me.

We plan to take her to a local park tomorrow for a longer walk and hopefully socialisation with other people, kids & dogs.

I did take her to pets at home today for flea and worm treatment, she had to be weighted to work out dosage. She was an instant hit with all the customers and staff. She was really good there too, just sat down calmly while we were served and talked to the staff. I thought I had taken the wrong dog as she is usually such a live wire.

On a slightly different note we think she may have fleas, we have used a frontline treatment this afternoon. We have noticed she does seem to scratch loads but haven't seen any fleas or evidence of fleas in her coat but she is black so it would be difficult to spot. We are not sure if she came with them from the groomer or has picked them up from our garden as she loves playing in the undergrowth where we know we have hedgehogs and the occasional fox.

Does anyone know how long they will take to get rid of and if I should treatment for the carpets?

JellyTedd Fri 21-Sep-12 20:32:49

I meant breeder not groomer

tabulahrasa Fri 21-Sep-12 20:49:04

It should start to work within about 24 hours... I think if she'd come with fleas you'd be seeing them by now, but there's no harm in spraying the carpet where she is mostly and washing her bed or blanket just in case they have got a hold.

If she's still itchy in a few days, you might want to think about getting her checked, there are other things that can cause itchiness.

Ullena Sat 22-Sep-12 20:15:48

Massive shock indeed! Cannot believe they did not inform us of what had happened!

According to the vet the primary inertia happened due to the number of pups and amount of fluid in the womb; the whole pushing thing just shut down. There were no contractions, etc. Horrible to witness, our poor dog was so distressed sad

I started advertising when the pups were about three days old, as I wanted plenty of time to interview new owners blush I just secured the final home last week, so very glad that I started early! The little darlings are running us ragged...

I am definitely making a loss! I decided just to charge equal to the cost of their jabs and microchips, and will be using the proceeds to pay for their mum to be spayed. Any cash that is left over is going to the local rescue centre. So no profit here, but it felt very wrong to try and make money out of an unplanned crossbred litter.

FiveHoursSleep Sat 22-Sep-12 21:04:57

Ullena, you should have called them Labrollies or Colladors and sold them for £500 each. Everyone else seems to be!
Actually a lab/collie x was one of the crosses we were checking the rescues for, in the end we have a GSDx 'something' but I'm hoping collie as he's B&W!

Ullena Sat 22-Sep-12 21:30:27

grin FiveHoursSleep, I was more worried about getting good homes...and scared of being branded as a BYB blush Am trying not to think about the money we have spent so far...sob!

GSDxCollie would be nice. Seems possible too, given his colour. But GSDs are herding types too. Are you sure of the GSD part? As have a friend whose Collie is forever being called a GSD type...he is a black and tan and white smoothcoated type of Collie!

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