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Long term dog pee on walls & wood in new home - PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME!

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We have just moved into an old house and the woman who lived here before had a dog who was left alone in the house often. sad

We are discovering more and more areas where the dog had its favourite pee spots, including corners of plaster, wooden skirting boards, concrete, and of course carpets.

First we ripped up the carpets and threw them out. Then we thought we'd wash the walls and this has MADE IT WORSE! There are several corners I can hardly bear to walk past as the smell is SO strong. The dog actually died some time ago, so this pee has been here a very long time.

Please could anyone tell us what to do next. I have bought some scrubbing brushes and we have bleach....would this do any good? Or is there a product out there which really works properly?

I would be so grateful if anyone can help me solve this as it's ruining our enjoyment of our new home the wreck we just bought

Thank you!

SpicyPear Sun 09-Sep-12 09:20:32

I'm not sure how it works on old our spurs but the Simple Solution biological pet urine cleaners from pets at home are good for breaking down the smells. Normal cleaners won't do this.

floradix Sun 09-Sep-12 09:23:24

Agree with SpicyPear and it might be worth hiring an industrial room ioniser to be rid of the smell.

Cuebill Sun 09-Sep-12 09:25:33

Oh dear (this could be a nightmare to get rid of) Try biological washing powder in very hot water, that will break down the smell in fresh urine.

However I am worried that it may have soaked into the plaster or wood and then you may even have to remove the plaster to get rid of the smell sad. I hope others have a better easier way to help.

Thank you all.

The plaster on these corners is pee-saturated and is coming away shock and we will remove as much as we can.

But that still leaves the wooden bits and the floor. I have been looking on amazon and have found simple solution, and there also other products like Urine off, but there also various tips on internet about vinegar, baking powder, peroxide.

Cuebill - the pee is not fresh, the dog died last december and I think was peeing on these same spots for many years! Some of them were still wet!

DH is saying let's buy peroxide and just brush it on, he thinks this will kill the bacteria.....

Really, really appreciate you all answering - than k you very much. Any more suggestions welcome!

Have ordered three bottles of hydrogen peroxide!

MrsZoidberg Sun 09-Sep-12 15:12:56

If it's still wet, I would be worrying about damp - it can smell pretty awful, so you might have 2 problems.

Thanks Mrs, but what should I do?

CharlieMaroc Sun 09-Sep-12 17:18:25

I was advised not to use bleach as it makes it worse. Biological washing powder dissolved neutralises the smell. Good luck.

daisydotandgertie Sun 09-Sep-12 18:13:23

Bleach will make it worse, so will peroxide. You need something to break down the uric acid. Killing the bacteria won't get rid of the smell. As urine dries, it becomes ammonia and a salt which is what makes the smell.

Biological washing powder is a good fix, and there are some specialist products available although bio washing powder has always done it OK for me. If it is really ingrained, the only thing which will fix it is getting rid of the ruined parts, but I would try a concerted blitz with dissolved washing powder.

MrsZoidberg Sun 09-Sep-12 18:40:13

Perhaps get a damp specialist in to rule it out? Damp can smell pretty acrid, so could be mistaken for dog wee. When we were house hunting we viewed a house with really bad damp, and the smell was chronic

thisthreadwilloutme Sun 09-Sep-12 18:50:37

Did it come up in the survey? I can'y imagine it would still be damp where a dog had peed almost a year ago.

Yes, the house is old so there may well be some damp, only to be expected.

But this is definitely dog pee. definitely. The smell is a bit less today. Will try biological washing powder first - thank you very much for being bothered to reply, I really appreciate it.

I think what awoke the moisture was my DH washing it yesterday and so soaking the wall and the smell became truly horrendous! Truly.

thisthreadwilloutme Sun 09-Sep-12 18:58:22

I hope you get it sorted OP - I'd try to get the smell out before winter otherwise having the heating will make it 10 times worse.

We haven't had the heating put in yet!

linnymac Sun 28-Oct-12 22:23:05

I'm desperately trying to find a solution for long term dog pee and found this thread. Appreciate it's over a month old but was wondering if you've managed to solve the problem. My house has lovely old wood flooring throughout. It's varnished and looks beautiful but the smell of dog pee in the sittingroom is bad. The previous owners had 2 dogs and I think the pee is very old. Some web sites suggest it may be necessary to replace the wood but we couldn't afford to. Its a very large room. Please let me know how you are progressing. Thanks.

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