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Are you a Greyhound, Whippet or Lurcher owner? Come and have a seat on the new Pointy Hounds cushion!

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TheCunnyFunt Wed 29-Aug-12 18:39:36

Pointy hounds include-
Greyhounds (Grunds)
Whippets (Whippys)
Italian Greyhounds (Iggys)
And any others I have forgotten. If you are a new pointy hound owner, an old and experienced owner or looking into getting one of these fabulous creatures, come and have a seat (that's not taken up with a hound).

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Silver Peacock

I didn’t really want you,
I wasn’t really sure,
And I’ll admit I had my doubts,
When you first came through that door.
Not small, or cute, or fluffy,
With big, soft puppy eyes,
But tall, and thin, and bony,
With bald, pink, bulging thighs.
You weren’t the kind I had in mind,
Not in any way,
“Perhaps it would be better if I took you back today,
Before we know each other,
It really won’t be kind,
To keep you here for one more day,
And then to change my mind.”
But against my better judgement, I decided you could stay,
And quickly I discovered you were kind in every way,
Your gentleness and patience, they really stole the show,
“Why these dogs are wonderful, I must let others know!”
For you’re my gentle giant,
Who just needed the chance,
To show us all what you could be,
To wipe away that history,
And dispel our preconceptions, which put us all to shame,
And so we come to know and love,
What lies beneath that frame.

And now I’ve come to understand,
What I missed right at the start,
That greyhounds need that great deep chest,
To house their great big hearts!
By Denise Dubarbier

Lougle Mon 26-Nov-12 07:10:50

Hmm, pride didn't exude, tbh. More, a look of bemused sufferance as I asked for each paw to put in the arm holes.

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Mon 26-Nov-12 17:32:50

He doesn't look like he minds too much, I think the sleevelessness emphasises his biceps winkgrin

mistlethrush Mon 26-Nov-12 20:38:57

Ours has taken to a harness and longer lead very happily - at least she gets more freedom that way. She goes very skittish when there are puddles to pronk into - and does a double skip quite often - part way through a spring, when she's just on her back legs she'll do an extra spring and a further jump....

Scuttlebutter Tue 27-Nov-12 21:18:24

Well, some nortiness to report here. On Sunday, DH made a delicious pigeon pie. We ate about 2/3 of it, and there was enough for me to have a generous portion in the week. So tonight (DH is away) I decided to eat it. Took it out of the fridge and nipped into the utility room for a second to grab some pilchards for the dogs to eat. Fatal error. sad

When I returned, Andy was on his hind legs sticking his long pointy nose into my pie, looking very shifty but also as though Christmas had come early. hmm Not surprisingly, he wasn't too bothered about his own tea after that.

I had to rummage in the freezer and ended up with some oven chips, some meat free chicken (IYSWIM) and baked beans <sobs> .

He is now lying on his bed looking contented and belching occasionally.

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 22:41:26

Oh that norty Andy! Did he manage to scoff it all? Greedy pig. DH sounds very able in the kitchen, DP is, to put it nicely, crap.

Sorry but bleurgh at the fake chicken. I tried it once at my mums and it was just a tasteless, slightly rubbery chunk of rubber. Same goes for fish-less fingers and quorn mince. I quite like those Linda McCartney veg sausages though.

Scuttlebutter Tue 27-Nov-12 22:55:15

Yes, I agree. We only buy FR chicken which is very expensive, so I often eat veggie things. I actually really like the Vege burgers and often have those for a quick lunch when I am at home. By the time you've stuck some cheese on and a dollop of relish or chutney I find it's hard to tell. So I bought a packet of the "chicken" to try and yes, it's not an experiment to repeat. In fact the packet had been sitting in the freezer for some time!! Quorn is the work of the devil - tis vile stuff.

Andy hadn't scoffed it all by the time I caught him, but by that point I certainly wasn't going to be eating it. I've seen where his nose ends up!!

Yes, DH is a very good cook - he really enjoys it. His Yorkshires are genius. smile He claims it is down to following Delia's recipe but I think he has the knack.

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 23:12:59

Oh you definitely need 'The Knack' for yorkshires, mine are always burnt on the outside and soggy in the middle sad

Yy to veggie burgers, those I do like, mashed up veg coated in breadcrumbs = deeeeeelicious!

I'm very sad sad Sprockets 'sister' has been returned. (not his actual sister but who he used to live with), she was returned for chewing a pair of shoes when she was left alone sad apparently the man of the couple who had her was told "It's me or the dog." Jill said she told them they made the wrong decision.

mistlethrush Tue 27-Nov-12 23:15:01

My yorkshire puddings always work - and I don't follow Delia's recipe, and they go into a cold pan with only a light spray of fat, but still rise wonderfully....

We're getting the adoption put through. grin

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 23:15:27

Forgot to add, when Sprocket was returned it was her he was returned with.

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 23:16:54

Congratulations mistle! How exciting! When will it be completed?

mistlethrush Tue 27-Nov-12 23:18:49

This week I presume...

I bought some duvets to cut up into quarters ... she's found one (whole) and claimed it!!!

MerryCunnyFuntingChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 23:22:24

Oh well that settles it then, if she's claimed a duvet then she must have decided to stay and keep you, as you're worthy enough servants for her wink

Hi folks

After your kind advice a few pages ago, I thought I'd drop you an update re our search for a rescue dog. After the first Podenco we looked at fell through (so to speak!) we enquired about another but he need a home with a canine companion so wasn't suitable. We've now enquired about another dog, who isn't a Podenco but looks perfect for us - we're hoping to get some further info this week and see if they're willing to homecheck us for him. He's not a pointy so I'm afraid if it works out I won't be joining the Pointy Hounds Cushion longterm, but you've all been so lovely I just wanted to let you know how things were going.

mistle - glad to hear things are going well.

Scuttlebutter Wed 28-Nov-12 09:30:44

Congratulations Mistle!

And to SeriouslyStrongCheddar - congrats on your new rescue dog. smile And you never know, there may be a pointy in your future.... grin

Scuttle - I certainly hope so! After all, doggie number one will constitute a 'canine companion' for any sociable little Podencos I may come across needing a home in a few months wink

mistlethrush Wed 28-Nov-12 11:11:26

Seriously... have you seen this one - could do with a nice companion!

mistle - oh yes, have seen her; very cute! Let's just say once we get the right dog for us and settle in to dog ownership, assuming all goes well, I'll most likely give it a few months and then start reminding DH about all those cute little Podencos he liked so much... grin

mistlethrush Wed 28-Nov-12 13:16:27

DH doesn't know it yet, but I have leanings towards a 2nd already blush. will have to be a small one though!

Scuttlebutter Wed 28-Nov-12 14:06:43

Oh, Mistle, you are a VERY, very norty girl. wink I have just clicked on the link and am now besotted with those ears. What with OwlLady's beautiful pup as well, I am suffering an massive overdose of canine crush... grin

mistlethrush Wed 28-Nov-12 14:09:54

I've just seen that one too blush although that's too much hair for me to cope with... at least ours has the longer hair on the top and the short hair where it gets more wet and muddy on the underneath!

Scuttlebutter Wed 28-Nov-12 14:13:38

Some news from us. The lady who owns Callie and Mick had been recovering (we are looking after them while she has been ill) but she has just been ill again (completely unrelated) which involved a hospital stay. sad She has very reluctantly decided that she is probably not well enough to have the dogs back. So it looks as though they will be staying with us as permanent foster dogs. I spoke with her on the phone yesterday and I don't know who was more upset, her or me. Had a little cry when I came off the phone to her - she adores the dogs and I know how hard this choice must have been for her.

mistlethrush Wed 28-Nov-12 14:24:11

She must realise how well they're doing with you Scuttle

SpicyPear Wed 28-Nov-12 17:11:55

Congrats mistle and that's sad but also happy news scuttle that you get to keep your guys. I looked into fostering for the Dog's Trust freedom program because they struggle to find people to take bullies, but I didn't think I could cope with giving them back.

SpicyPup got on well at puppy class, but only because he knows the clicker already! He didn't stray as far from us as I though he would when we took turns letting them off lead. Out of nine pups, four were labs. He was the only rescue and the funniest looking thing there grin One was a labradoodle bought because "he won't shed" <bashes head against brick wall>

fluffygal Wed 28-Nov-12 17:38:42

Ok, I have a question for you and it might be a bit gross.... I have a female lurcher and a male grey, both neutered. Girl very dominate and boy never shows any interest in her whatsoever, although she has started bum waving in his face.

Came home today and she has 'fluid' leaking from her lady bits. Is this what I think it could be or do you think it's just her? She has never had discharge before so don't know why it would suddenly start?

Scuttlebutter Wed 28-Nov-12 18:07:46

Fluffy, if she is definitely spayed, then you need to get to the vet asap. She could have an infection or something serious.

If she's not spayed then she could be in season, and that's a whole other ball game. shock

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