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puppies due soon ! OMG advice please

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kittycat68 Tue 24-Jul-12 11:28:51

we had our puppy booked in to be spayed, but unfortunately the vets had to cancel, so we booked her in to be spayed after our holiday as she needed to go into kennels and didnt want her to have stiches in when she went. Just before we were due to go she had her first season. I contacted the kennels and they said it would be fine no problem. Imagine my supprise last week when i took her to the vets cos she hadnt been eating hardly but looked bloated! Puppies!!!! now due in 1-2 weeks, contacted the kennels and they said that it didnt happen there! but she didnt mate when she was with me i am absolutely sure of this.
Anyway as never had puppies before am a bit scared and worried about what to do, how to raise them etc also dont know what the dad is either, although my mine is a little jack russell/westie cross the vet did say that it must have been a small dog as the scans indicate at least three puppies. ( am very upset this has happened shes only 9 months old and i burst into tears at the vets) she will be spayed sap after the puppies are born!!

kittycat68 Mon 06-Aug-12 09:36:04

an update !! after a a week of little and no sleep and being so stressed out my dog has had her pupupies!! a large litter of seven!! she is doing really well and coping with the puppies ok Thanks to everyone for the information you gave and the book recommended was invaluable although a little scary.

Can i just ask one question is it okay to give my dog a bath, she had the puppies yesterday and is absolutely filthy and smelly!!

fishybits Mon 06-Aug-12 09:41:31

I'd leave her and the puppies well alone bar making sure the mother feeds a lot to help with the milk production. I was feeding her every four hours with food and goats milk as she was so small with 5 large pups.

daisydotandgertie Mon 06-Aug-12 11:49:00

I too would leave her alone for a while. A flannel type wash might be helpful, but not a full bath. Smell is an important thing for a dog.

And congratulations! There'll be lots of squeaking soon!

I'm glad the book was helpful; it really contains so much vital information, even though it might be a bit scary. Keep on using it, and it'll see you through the next phase too.

feelinghopeful Mon 06-Aug-12 21:01:27

Congratulations! Very very exciting and well done. I hope everything goes well. And if you get the chance I'd love to see some pictures! smile

kittycat68 Sat 01-Sep-12 23:14:43

a quick update to say puppies all now four weeks old and doing well! all been to see the vet for a check etc, mums still a bit skinny poor thing but continueing with lots of calories as i can get into her. going to miss the puppies when there gone though!!s shes booked in to be spayed as soon as the puppies are gone!!

kittycat68 Tue 02-Oct-12 09:22:15

just wanted to update!! puppies all eight weeks old and healthy all went to very good homes i found for them mum is now fine and due to be spayed next week!!!smile

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