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Dog-proof garden?!

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thefroggy Fri 23-Mar-12 17:35:54

I need to sort the garden out this year (was ill for most of last summer so not much was done).

I'd really like some flowers but my dog ripped up the few I had last year. He hasn't calmed down very much at all since then, so how can I get some colour in the garden without having it ruined? I've tried large pots, he just charges straight at them and over they go.

I know I should be dealing with the problem but we've already had a trainer and I just don't know why he's so destructive. I'm hoping he'll grow out of it hmm

AllergicToNutters Fri 23-Mar-12 20:53:29

Hanging baskets? Unless he is a leaper! there are some already prepared or some you can make up yourself. hth smile

fussbucket Sat 24-Mar-12 11:33:10

Last year one of my clients got a puppy who destroyed the garden, the only thing he left in peace was a rose bush because of the thorns, and some pots placed on a table that he couldn't reach.

Scuttlebutter Sat 24-Mar-12 12:53:18

Go bigger! We've got three greyhounds so they are large and we had a particularly memorable event last summer which involved a greyhound and a flowerpot and ended up with a greyhound sporting an injury (now got an elegant scar), and a flowerpot in bits on the patio, complete with scattered lilies and bulbs. The key is to get the biggest possible pots - giant terracotta ones that are really big and sculputural looking. Lots of hanging baskets and wall mounted baskets, pots etc. Actually this can look really nice - think of Greek cottages covered in walls of pots of geraniums. smile

ExitPursuedByABear Sat 24-Mar-12 12:56:01

My spaniel grew out of his habit of following me and digging up as I planted.

How old is your dog?

Elibean Sat 24-Mar-12 17:02:31

How about big, square planters that can't be tipped over? Other than that, wall mounted or hanging I suppose....or climbers?

So far, our 11 month old has left all plants alone - but he does manage to find fascinating things to dig up in the middle of the lawn occasionally, and also likes to rummage through the compost heap for old broccoli stalks etc hmm

And dog rocks do NOT work sad

thefroggy Sun 25-Mar-12 00:21:37

My dog is 16 months old. Because it was so nice and warm today I left the back door find him running around the garden with the cushion from my sofa...grrrr. Then dd went out to use the swing and he took her shoe, dragged it under the trampoline and wouldn't drop it. He's a bloody nightmare.

Clearly he hasn't changed one bit since last summer. It's a shame. I bought the kids a 10ft pool two years back, they loved did the dog, chewed right through it. I love him but he's really pissing me off!

RedwingWinter Sun 25-Mar-12 00:41:46

If he likes digging, why not get him a sandpit and train him to dig there by burying things in it for him to find? Or set aside a small space where he is allowed to dig. Then he still has somewhere to dig without digging up your garden. Also does it work if you tire him out more (more exercise and/or more training) so that he has less energy for destruction?

thefroggy Sun 25-Mar-12 00:59:53

He never seems to chill red, would that work burying things for him in one spot? I have no clue about dogs!

AllergicToNutters Sun 25-Mar-12 09:05:50

what breed is he?

RedwingWinter Sun 25-Mar-12 17:25:55

thefroggy, you'll have to train him to use it by giving him lots of praise (and treats if you like) when he does, and give it clear boundaries (like a low fence or row of stones) so that he can't get confused about which is his for digging in and which is not. If he digs somewhere else, don't punish him just take him to the place where he is meant to be digging.

The advice to plant things (like roses with thorns) that it is hard for him to dig up is good too.

You'll probably still have to shut him away when planting stuff. I have to shut Dog2 in the house when planting otherwise he digs stuff up as soon as it's in the ground. He likes to help, you see. He's good at helping with the weeding though and herds the weeds all the way to the compost heap ;)

Choufleur Sun 25-Mar-12 20:28:35

We have a bit of the garden that is the dog's part and another part that is nice.

thefroggy Thu 29-Mar-12 23:43:53

I went out the last few days to get the garden sorted as much as poss. I was digging what would be the flowerbeds and filling in the holes he's created. As I did, he went along and dug some more...I told him off...he comes up and looks at me as if to say "what? YOU can dig but I can't?" It was quite comical really! grin

isabellaevans Mon 20-May-13 09:36:52

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