Anyone have any experience of Direct Line pet insurance??

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PersonalClown Thu 05-Jan-12 14:41:30

New year, new start, checking all the know the drill.

We currently have Homebase for the dogs and not had a problem, renewal has never been excessive.
But I've just seen a Direct Line advert for pet insurance. They are having a sale!
The quote I've just got is almost £10 cheaper for both dogs with similar levels of cover.

Any thoughts??

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louby86 Thu 05-Jan-12 15:15:37

Not sure about direct line but the best value for money quote with us was from Argos, have you tried them?

PersonalClown Thu 05-Jan-12 15:24:08

Homebase is the same company. Just a larger amount for vet fees,
I've just done a bit of digging and they don't do an ongoing or lifetime policy. Just a set amount for each condition. (They hide that really well!)

I may stay where I am!!

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louby86 Thu 05-Jan-12 15:38:21

Sorry I didn't realise that! Ooops blush

Sluttybuttons Thu 05-Jan-12 16:40:37

I had direct line and they were awful. My cat was hit by a car and died. When i called them i was told to just "bin it" and they would send out a claim form. I got somebody to take him away and bury him (i just couldnt do it) and waited for the form. I filled all the details in and sent the form away. About 3 weeks later i got a letter telling me that since i didnt take him to the vet then i couldnt prove he was actually dead. After lots of calls back and forth they then agreed that they had told me i didnt need to take him to the vet. Then they told me i needed the reciept stating how much he had cost (he cost £500). I sent that away and waited about another month and heard nothing. I called them again and they said they hadnt received it. It was the original as they didnt accept photo copies so i was stuck. I had paid my premium of about £48 (for 2 cats) since he was 3 months old and he was 2 when he died. They told me i couldnt claim and then they cancelled the policy for my other cat. I had my car and home insurance with them to and i told them where they could stick it. I will never ever go with them again

Avantia Fri 06-Jan-12 12:44:10

I am with Homebase - over the last 4 months have made claims in region of £2k for eye problems - paid out reasonably promptly without any quibbles - however hate to see my premiums when renewing the policy.

So at moment happy with Homebase - just bloody wish I took out life long cover but thats another story ..

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Fri 06-Jan-12 14:18:00

I am with Direct line and have always found them to be really good, weve had several very high bills due to operations and they have always been really helpful and paid out within 4 weeks. I also do have lifetime cover as my dog has an ongoing condition and they have never questioned any claims, in one year I think we claimed about £8500 and it was paid without any problems. I pay £38 per month for 2 dogs


Niko9 Thu 07-Mar-19 23:38:42

Just claimed off direct line pet insurance after my Doberman collapsed. Only made 1 phone call to directline then they dealt directly with the vet. Vets bill just under £5000 which directline paid within 3 weeks. Would definitely recommend 👍👍

Floralnomad Fri 08-Mar-19 12:17:23

I have lifetime cover with Direct line and we’ve never had an issue . I haven’t made a claim for a few years but did make 3 claims at about £6/700 each when he was younger and got paid with no problems and in a timely fashion.

Gdogmomma Wed 04-Sep-19 09:30:53

Can you tell me how much your policies have gone up each year with Direct Line? I was with Argos, started 1st year at £27 per month, next year was £38 per month and this year’s quote was £57 per month. No claims during that time but extortionate increase I think.

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