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So worried about my springer spaniel

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Sargesaweyes Fri 18-Nov-11 11:31:33

I am so worried about my dog sad

Basically 3 weeks ago I got my 5 year old springer spade. She took a while to recover but seemed fine. Then last week she went off her food and looked generally out of colour. I took her to the vets straight away who thought it was her anal glands. She had them squeezed and was given anti biotics. Over the next few days she remained very down in the dumps and totally stopped eating and drinking. Back to the vets who decided she had got worse and so decided to keep her in. 4 days later and 800 pound insurance claim and the diagnoses was inconclusive. They said it could have been a bug or hormones-phantom pregnancy from the spaying (she would be in season now so was very close). She came home on tues and has been getting brighter and brighter until this morning when she is again off her food and has been sick sad. The vet previously scanned her stomach ect and no blockages. I have a new baby and feel so stressed out by all this. I changed my cover when I went on maternity which means I am only covered for 1000 vets charges per illness. I desperately want her to be better but don't know what to do as the vets don't seem to have any answers either. Also I ended up demanding to see the partners of the vets because I said it was all since she was spade and he told me 'prove it'. When I then asked why they couldn't figure out what's wrong after all those tests he said 'we could keep going and make your bill 4000 pound by doing MRI scans etc but you wouldn't be very happy if it was just a phantom pregnancy.' I'm at a total loss, especially as my baby suffers with reflux and have been in and out of the doctors. I can feel the whole worry and money issue dragging me down. Does anyone have any advice??

Could she just be sore from the op still?

Sargesaweyes Fri 18-Nov-11 11:44:45

Could be. She is still enjoying her walks but just totally refusing to eat, very down in the dumps In the house and now this sickness. She was fine before the op and her blood tests and scans were clear. She had a bit of a temp but nothing serious. It's a mystery which makes me hope it is hormonal.

Will she eat other food? Treats etc?

Sargesaweyes Fri 18-Nov-11 11:57:25

No. Tried ham, chicken and even a hob nob out of desperation. This is what happened last week.

Gawd. She must feel poorly then sad I hope someone comes along with a bit more knowledge.

daisydotandgertie Fri 18-Nov-11 18:03:20

Does she still have a temperature?

How much water is she drinking?

When she's sick, is it biley or is it whatever she's eaten back up pretty much as it went down?

Were the anal glands full? Were they infected?

How is she behaving? Are there any changes?

It doesn't sound as though your vet is being terribly helpful. How have they advised you move forwards?

Sorry for the questions!

Sargesaweyes Fri 18-Nov-11 18:34:00

Very slight temp
not drinking at the mo-have a syringe to get some down her but only been the last day she hasn't drank.
It was the food she had eaten.
Anal glands were full.
She is clingy and off colour in the house but still happy to go for a walk.
Vet hasn't been helpful really. They said they thought it was either a phantom pregnancy after the spaying or a bug she has picked up. She seemed to be getting better until last night. They have now prescribed Zantac and a stomach liner of some sort.

Summersoon Fri 18-Nov-11 18:36:50

Time to get a second opinion perhaps?
Your vet doesn't sound very helpful, or sympathetic.

daisydotandgertie Fri 18-Nov-11 19:09:01

OK - so has she just been sick once? I'd stop trying to feed her for 24 hours and concentrate on making sure she gets a little liquid into her. Do you have any glucose or honey you can add to the water? Or rehydration sachets?

Full anal glands don't need antibiotics - nor do they cause illness. If they were infected, that would be a different kettle of fish though.

It does sound as though she is not 100% and I would be seeking the opinion of a different vet from a different practice. Ask for a copy of her notes and all test results and book an appointment at another vet. I wouldn't accept the attitude of the vet you've referred to, nor the treatment you've been offered. Sending you off with Zantac, a stomach liner and a diagnosis of either a phantom or a bug wouldn't be good enough for me.

Do you know what they did to check for a blockage? And without sounding condescending - do you know what the signs of a phantom are? Has she had one after any of her previous seasons?

Dogs are always, always keen on walking. Even when they're not very well.

Sargesaweyes Fri 18-Nov-11 22:52:04

She was sick a few times but not in the last 10 hours. However she hasn't eaten anything. She did start having phantoms in the last year and became very hormonal which is why I got her spade. I rescued her older otherwise would have spade her earlier. They did bloodtests and scans of stomach/ where her womb was and intestine. Apart from that they just gave her fluids etc. I will be seeking the opinion of another vet on Monday from a different place. Really shocked though as this vets is a really big successful hospital and am suprised at the attitude of the partner I met with. Thanks for the advice-hoping she will be brighter tomo.

daisydotandgertie Sat 19-Nov-11 08:15:30

See if you can find some glucose powder from the chemist to add to her water. It'll give her a little boost if you can get it into her.

Offer plain food - chicken, scambled egg (without milk or butter), a little fish if you'd like to - or a bit of Naturediet which may go down well.

If she still hasn't eaten by Monday morning, I'd make an urgent appointment at another vet and phone your old practice and tell them to fax all notes and test info to the new vet.

If her temp increases, or she throws up the water she's been having or starts salivating a lot phone the vet for an emergency appointment.

If she stays as she is, miserable and not quite right, try not to worry about her and wait until Monday. From what you've said, she's not been eating properly for some time, so I'd guess feels a bit bloody awful just because of that.

Do persist with it - it's not right and the vets that have been so agressive and inconclusive should be very ashamed of themselves. It smacks of money making to me, not caring veterinary care.

FrozenRose83 Tue 26-Jul-16 09:01:32

Did you get an answer on ur dog in the end mine has same symptoms but not spayed and she's been in on a drip all night they just called to say she's still off her food and water so they're going to X-ray her under general anesthetic

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