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cedmonds Tue 25-Oct-11 10:32:54

HI there is a well known breeder near us who has been selling her puppies with buy one get one free. The dogs are all in kennels with are really dirty they have no clean water etc. All the dogs are registed but the have had "accident litters from father and daugheter or brother and sister etc. They were acreditated breeders but the kennel club did a spot check and she is no longer one. The dogs are really dirty and are sold cover in poo and wee. She will also advistise them in firday add etc so she is obviosluly not caring who they go to and some of them have very bad temperments.

She shows them and will keep a dog/bitch untill they are 7months if they are no good etc she will them sell them cheap. I know this goes on alot but we will keep a bitch even if they turn out to be not able to show and would never dream of selling them.

We only breed litters to improve the lines and they are all breed in the house. Well socailsed let out to play every few hours and hear all the house hold nosies ie hover tv etc. (In fact all the dogs are in the house as there are no kennels etc.) We are also very carefull who the pups go to and have a waiting list before the bitch is mated. We will also take a dog back at any time in its life and have a contract saying that we need to contacted if they are rehoming etc. We will always be on the end of the phone as well.

The above bredder does none of this there is a well known resuce near here and 70% of the dogs there are from her linessad.

Is there any way that she be stoped breeding?

FearTricksPotter Tue 25-Oct-11 12:11:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cedmonds Tue 25-Oct-11 15:59:09


Scuttlebutter Tue 25-Oct-11 21:09:45

You have a number of options open. Your first port of call should be your local Council, who maintain a register of licensed breeders. Many Councils now have these registers online so you can see if your neighbour is already registered. If she is, you can then request copies of previous inspection reports (via FOI) - you should not be charged for this. I would then raise your concerns with the Licensing Officer. As you are a breeder yrself, it is important that you are not seen as simply having a go at the competition, so make your complaint as detailed as possible and focus on checkable aspects such as the lack of water, dirt etc. Unfortunately the eventual destination of these dogs into rescue is not by itself a reason to close her down.

Follow up the complaint with a polite factual letter to your local Cllr. Depending on how this goes, you may find that if she is already licensed, and if poor conditions are found on inspection, she may be served an improvement notice. If this is not complied with, she could face either losing her licence to breed or a prosecution under Animal Welfare legislation.

If she is not already a licensed breeder, and she meets the threshold, then hte authority will take steps to ensure she is licensed, and will then be subject to inspection etc. If she is a licensed breeder, then there is a very strong argument that she is carrying on a business so you could raise this with the Planning Dept as she may need to get change of use consent depending on the nature of the place she lives at the moment. You may also wish to flag her up to HMRC if you have reason to believe she is not declaring all her income.

As I mentioned earlier, the fact that you yourself are a breeder may mean that you will have to work harder to get your complaint taken seriously as malicious complaints are a feature of LA Env. Health and Licensing work. So, focus on evidence, facts and well documented stuff (copies of her adverts etc. ) rather than hearsay.

Lastly, you may also find it worth making a complaint to the breed club of which she is a member - don't know if they can kick her out or prevent her showing etc. if a complaint is upheld.

cedmonds Tue 25-Oct-11 21:47:44

Hi she is not our neighbour but is local. If the kennel club have taken away the accredited breeder away then there surely would be documents. She used to judge at champ level but no longer does she has said it is due to age but everyone is thinking its because of her reputation.
She is over 60 so does she still have to declare the income? I doubt she has a license to breed as she breeds three breeds.

As far as the adverts etc it is on her website that she will do buy one get one free, an it is well known on the circuit. She used to have a lot of people to show her dogs for her but now no one wants to do it and she is doing less and less.
The kennel club are changing the amount of litters a bitch can have to 4 so hopefully that should reduce the amount of pups unless she breeds them unregistered.
It is so sad when there is people working hard to make sure that pups have the best start in live and then there are people like her who just do it for money and do no give a shit about the bitches and pups welfare.
Thanks for the help. I should now really but only have a few litters a year.

chickchickchicken Wed 26-Oct-11 00:09:04

afaik everyone has to declare income for tax reasons. i dont think there is an age limit but i may be wrong

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